The #12DaysOfContentMarketing: #KeepingCRESocial - NINE Ways GIFs and Memes Can Improve Your Social Media


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On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me – NINE ways GIFs and Memes Can Improve Your Social Media!

We’ve all seen them. They are those funny animated pictures or silly images matched with commentary that make them oh-so-true. And we’ve all likely forwarded them to our friends, or slightly giggled from them while checking our phone during a coffee break. A great meme can make you laugh, cry or make a new friend. They are often highly relatable and hilariously funny.

And here are nine reasons why you use be using memes and animated GIFs in your CRE social media strategy.

They entertain your followers.

Why do people love memes so much? Well, they are just so darn entertaining. You’ve probably laughed out loud from a hilarious meme today and your clients will love a good giggle when following your social media content.

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They can be timely.

Whether it’s the holidays, politics or a current event – a simple meme can incorporate more timely content into your social strategy while also entertaining your audience. Timeliness shows that not only are you keeping up with your social media, you’re up on the latest news in your market.

They attract attention to your content.

Because memes and GIFs are so funny or cute, they can be used along with less exciting content to attract that extra attention to your post. Maybe you’re asking for a referral from a client – this meme will surely make them want to give you one.


They can share a highlight.

An animated GIF can showcase a small snippet of a recent video or maybe just the highlight reel of one of your properties. Sometimes it’s just enough to attract attention and drive traffic to your latest video.

They are relatable.

Most of your clients have had a boss like Bill Lumburgh from Office Space or had a frustrating client they wanted to fire like Donald Trump on The Apprentice, so not only will these memes be funny, they’ll be extremely relatable for your clients. And relatability translates into a stronger relationship with your clients.

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They can tell a story.

Animated GIFs are especially great for sharing a short story with your audience. Maybe it’s a goofy photo of some of the employees in your office or an animated infographic, but the animation makes it more engaging without requiring your followers to click on it.

giphy (37).gif

They can animate otherwise boring data.

Let’s say you have some important market data to share with your audience but you don’t want it to be just another boring graph that no one will pay attention to. Try animating a GIF and turn it into something that will attract the eyes of your social media followers while conveying important data.

giphy (36).gif

They can make people laugh.

Nothing brightens our day like a hilarious, relatable GIF that has you thinking or saying – “yes, that’s totally me!” If your target audience feels like you truly understand them, their market, their business or their needs they tend think it will be a breeze working with you!

They can be original.

Take memes and GIFs just one step further and create your own. By branding creative memes (time to find the class clown of your office), you can share them with your logo and create potentially viral content. Memes or GIFs can be a great way to get your name and brand out there to the masses.



While memes and GIFs are a huge part of social, they aren’t always part of a professional CRE company’s marketing strategy. But if a little lightheartedness ties into your brand story, they can be a great way to get your audience laughing and coming back to your social media!

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