The #12DaysOfContentMarketing: How to Be Sure Your Company Has ONE Voice and Brand Through Its Marketing


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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me – one voice for my CRE brand.

It’s not a partridge in a pear tree, but it will definitely prove a lot more useful for a successful CRE business this holiday season and always. But what is this talk about one brand and voice all about? Doesn’t that just mean having a good logo and color scheme? Actually, it’s about so much more than that.

It’s about being recognizable.

Think about how you recognize most brands. You’ll know that Starbucks logo from a mile away when you’re exhausted from all that Christmas shopping and need a pick-me-up. But that’s just the beginning.

Before you even step foot into a Starbucks you can predict the environment you’ve come to expect from the brand, even if you’ve never been to that particular location. You know exactly where you’re supposed to order, what flavors you can get, how you know when your drink is ready, and even what music they’ll play or what the employees will wear.

You always get roughly the same type of service and most locations even look the same. And this is true whether you’re in a Starbucks in Seattle or a different one in Tokyo. And even if you’re just visiting Starbucks in cyberspace you will see the same marketing themes and similar language that you have come to expect from the company. It has one brand.

Why does it matter?

You might wonder what is so important about having a brand that is recognizable and memorable. Well, it’s the reason you keep going back to Starbucks, especially if you’ve ever stepped foot in a Starbucks while out of town for business or on vacation.

People like to get what they’ve come to expect from a brand. It builds trust. When you know exactly what to expect you aren’t left guessing what kind of product or service you’ll get. And showcasing your commercial real estate brand with a recognizable look and feel by using one voice through your employees, your marketing, your office, and your social media – you will gain the trust of new and repeat customers.

Building trust with your clients to drive new business.

How many companies do you know use the tagline – “a name you can trust”? Well, while we don’t think you should have to shout this from the rooftops, it’s absolutely an important part of marketing. A recognized brand is often a trusted name.

No matter where your current or prospective clients come across your commercial real estate business, they should immediately recognize it as your company. Think of it like the pear tree in the 12 Days of Christmas. The base of the tree is your business and regardless of the different places and directions it branches off to, your audience should recognize even just one branch as being that pear tree they know and love.

How do I present myself as one brand?

Sure, logos and color schemes help but it’s about creating an identity. What does your voice sound like to your clients? Is it modern and forward-thinking? Is it casual and laid back? Is it formal and professional? Instead of trying to reach all clients, you should focus on finding the ones that will resonate with your brand.

And once you’ve identified that voice make sure it is represented to your target audience through your marketing, the tone of your blogs, the look and feel of your social media platforms, the activities of your employees in the community, and the overall focus of your brand.

Trust us – once you start treating your business like that pear tree, it will be Christmas every day for the success of your CRE business.

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