The #12DaysOfContentMarketing: FIVE Ways to Stomp Out Writer’s Block


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On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me – five tips to overcome writer’s block!

It happens to all of us – even us here at The Content Funnel! What is it? Cue the “Jaws” theme song. It’s writer’s block!

And it’s a real problem when you’re working hard to create valuable content for your target audience on a regular basis. It’s also likely to creep up even faster this season when you’re stuffed with sugar cookies or in an eggnog coma.

So, how do you eliminate it?

#1. Create an environment for creativity.

If you have a laptop you tote around to create your content on the run it’s likely you’re writing in airports, at cafes, or maybe even in your car between clients. But these aren’t the best places to ward off writer’s block. Try creating a space in your office or home free of distractions. Make sure there is lots of good light, no TV or radio to clutter your mind, and a nice comfortable chair and desk. And if you designate that space for writing only, your mind will likely go into beast mode to push out that great content the second you sit down.

#2. Stick to a writing routine.

Just as your mind will likely be trained to get creative the minute you sit down in your designated writing space, the same is true for a perfectly designed routine. It could look something like an hour of writing right after breakfast, or the promise of a coffee break after two hours of uninterrupted creativity. Develop a plan around your writing and the words will come!

#3. Interact with others.

Writing is a very isolated activity and that can be draining for an extroverted person. If you’re feeling the writer’s block hit and you haven’t been around other people in some time, it might help to be energized by interacting with friends and family. Call up that friend you haven’t talked to in too long, or go grab a glass of wine with your significant other or family member. The human interaction may just inspire or energize you.

#4. Write something crappy.

Just because you’re writing something horrible doesn’t mean you need to publish it. After all, you should only be sharing content that will be valuable to your audience. But sometimes you just need to write to get the blood flowing, and when you’re amidst a writer’s block episode it might just be bad content. Most of the time after spending an hour or two writing something bad you’ll get your mojo back and start creating the great stuff your audience has come accustomed to. So… go write some bad stuff.

#5. Hire other people to do it.

Okay, so this may not be a way to recover from your episode of writer’s block but it is an option for those looking to engage with their target audience without the stress of keeping up with a content calendar. Hire the professionals so you can be sure your content is flawless every time, and that your audience will come to expect that consistency from you.


Don’t be hard on yourself when it comes to your writing schedule. Writer’s block sneaks up to bite the best of us and it’s just a minor road block in your journey to becoming an amazing content creator!

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