The #12DayOfContentMarketing: EIGHT Reasons for Creating a Newsletter


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On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me – EIGHT reasons you should create a newsletter.

It’s likely you’re already receiving a handful of newsletters in your own inbox from companies you love to follow. But that’s just it – usually the ones you’re getting newsletters from are brands you love and trust. Could there be a correlation? Absolutely!

Here’s why you should add “build a newsletter for my CRE brand” to your list of new year’s resolutions, and actually keep this one!

#1. It builds stronger relationships.

By you providing valuable information to your potential, current or past clients right to their inbox, you have a good chance of occasionally sending them something that solves a very important business need for them personally. And by helping them with their CRE business in some way, you are building trust and respect, and clients don’t typically forget that.

#2. You can take advantage of analytics.

A good newsletter provider will offer all kinds of analytics so you know exactly what kind of content your readers are interested in, and who on your e-mail list is staying engaged.

#3. It will enhance your social media presence.

Not only is a newsletter another place to share your social media accounts, you can include articles or videos and link them back out to your Facebook or Twitter to increase your likes and followers.

#4. No one can ever take your e-mail list away from you.

If Facebook suddenly changed its platform or Instagram once again changes its algorithm, you could lose followers. But with newsletters, you will always have those e-mail addresses and can be sure your messages are ending up in the inbox of your target customer, and not hidden in their newsfeed.

#5. Your message will be heard by the right audience.

If someone is signing up for your newsletter, they clearly see a value in the content you’re providing. While your website and social media platforms are great places to share content, newsletters will get that information right in front of your customers.

#6. It will increase the traffic to your website.

Often times, good newsletter writers will share tidbits or previews from content that is also on their website. This increases the traffic and will ultimately improve your SEO.

#7. Newsletters are an easy way to create a community.

How many times have you opened a newsletter to see information on community events, client spotlights, or meaningful testimonials. A newsletter is a great platform for creating a sense of community around your brand which fosters stronger client relationships.

#8. It will likely increase your sales.

If you look at all the advantages to creating a newsletter you’ll see that it all ties back to strengthening relationships with potential, current and past clients as well as increasing the effectiveness of your online presence. These are activities that will ultimately lead to more sales for your CRE company.


With just a few hours a month, you can create a beautifully branded and content-rich newsletter to let your clients in on what makes your CRE organization unique. So, drop that 7-day a week gym commitment on your resolution list and instead add newsletter writing. We know this one will be much easier to keep!

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