Stop Content Creation Burnout

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Symptoms: keyboard fatigue, social dread, foggy thinking, and idea fatigue. Diagnosis: content creation burnout. Fatigue happens when you feel like you’ve said everything there is to say in your niche, especially if your brand is well established and has produced content for a while. You are not alone. Content creation burnout happens to the best creators. Don’t worry: it is treatable! Cure the fatigue and get reenergized with your content creation in six different ways.

1. Spend Time Reading Others’ Content

Content creation requires a ton of output. Taking time off from generating and reading the fabulous content created by others can reignite that creativity. Check out the blogs posted on theBrokerList community, skim through professional work on LinkedIn, or do a hashtag search on Twitter and Instagram. Visit the platforms owned by your favorite brands and see what they’ve been doing. Learn from others in the content marketing trenches.

2. Attend Events

One of our favorite ways to drum up new content and get a healthy dose of inspiration is through attending real estate events. They don’t have to be massive conferences like ICSC’s RECon or SXSW. One-day workshops like CRE // Tech Intersect or online seminars can have the right mojo to start the inspiration juices flowing.

3. Content Audit

Sometimes the solution lies in the past. Once content creators get rolling with generating blogs and posts, it’s easy to get lost in the forest of relevant ideas. Climb out of the hole and take a good look at what you have accomplished with a content audit. A review of what you’ve done can identify gaps in content and inform new ideas.

4. Calendar

Try looking ahead to holidays, both nationally accepted like New Year’s Day and the quirky “days” like National Pancakes Day. What special events can you spin into a creative blog? For instance, we riffed off the popular Christmas song for our 12 Days of Content Marketing blog. Other content creators brainstorm content around national days and month, like National Homeowners Month. Besides specific declared holidays, the general time of year can inspire content. Publishers tend to write year-end reviews or new trends posts around the New Year. What’s specific to your area? Maybe your college town sees an increase in rental turnover during the summer. Write about the benefits of tenant screening or multifamily marketing to millennials.

5. Brainstorm With Others

Maybe you are a small business with a content creation is a team of one. You can still have a brainstorming session with others. Talk to different departments: customer service, marketing team, and sales. Ask about customer feedback: what pain points they’re bringing up, what they love. Ask the team member what topics they would write about if they had to blog tomorrow. A brainstorm session with others can provide new insights into the content that matters.

6. Experiment with New Trends

Content marketing tactics are always changing. Staying on top of new content marketing trends is an industry best practice. During a fatigue time period, maybe look into that new platform you’ve been meaning to research. Trying something new like live video or writing a podcast script could be the ticket out of burnout.

7. Change Your Schedule

Reconsider your posting schedule.  Reduce the frequency of new posts while updating and redistributing evergreen content. Use a #throwbackthursday to highlight well-performing content. Turn to guest blogs to fill in gaps and give yourself a break. Consider outsourcing some content creation to bring a fresh perspective that reenergizes the process.

Crafting quality content is the cornerstone of an effective content strategy. Staying active and relevant in the field drives organic traffic to you and away from the competition. Burnout is a side effect of this frequent generation, but it can be overcome.