So You’re Not Residential. CRE Pros Still Need Social Marketing

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Commercial real estate may not be photogenic oceanfront villas or Bel-Air mansions, but CRE benefits from content marketing. Regardless of the chosen platform, social promotion in this niche market can excel. Just see our best brands on Instagram, LinkedIn Groups, and Twitter influencers. All these examples showcase CRE pros excelling at social media marketing.

The Residential Fallacy

It’s easy to think social media works better for residential because of the visuals. Anyone, including people not searching the real estate market right now, can appreciate a stunning home photo. People appreciate clever interior design and smart architecture. What about a stunning warehouse photo? Less likely, right?

And what about the content? The CRE industry is a niche market unto itself. Whereas the potential buyer pool for downtown condo spans buyers seeking a primary or secondary residence or investment buyers, the circle of buyers seeking Class A Office Space is notably smaller. Why spend the time posting on Facebook about an upcoming listing when the potential pool is smaller? Perhaps an email blast would be better?

Why CRE Needs Social Marketing

The truth is, CRE pros need content marketing for that reason. With a smaller potential customer base, it’s essential to: a) establish your credibility and authority, b) constantly network for opportunities, and c) stay top of mind. An email marketing campaign may help stay top of mind, but it won’t contribute adequately to establishing authority or building a network. Social media helps build a network and authority. Blogging attracts customers who through reading your knowledgeable, quality content recognize brand credibility.

Photos Do Work

CRE brands aren’t limited to text-heavy content. Visual platforms work as well for commercial real estate as residential. Check out Hines, a property investment, development, and management company. Use a network like Instagram to showcase company culture or highlight stunning spaces. Maybe one office complex features a beautiful plaza for eating lunch or taking a break. That ugly warehouse may have a mural on the side. Get creative using visuals in the CRE space.

Save on Marketing

In the social space, CRE pros can save marketing dollars by marketing exclusively to the right customer. Social networks allow for custom audience targeting. Campaigns reach the right person most likely to benefit from the service, in turn boosting the return on investment. More consumers turn to social media networks for commerce, making a presence and targeted marketing more necessary.

Remember the purpose behind content marketing: providing value to your customers. At its core, social media marketing is showcasing this value, whether via blogs, photos, videos, infographics or other content types.

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