Six Content Marketing Predictions for 2017

The New Year is fast closing in upon us, and with that brings the latest trends and predictions for content marketing in 2017. The industry’s new developments over the last twelve months include the staying power of Snapchat, the launch of Facebook Live, and the downslide of Twitter. What really has content marketing thought leaders talking are the emerging trends set to change how we distribute our content. Here are five of them:

Native Advertising

Expect to hear more companies are “going native” to distribute their content. Native is paying for the placement of content on platforms outside their regular media channels. The content is relevant, high quality, and targeted to the users of that specific channel. Native advertising blends in with the user’s experience on a website seamlessly. It is not directly promoting a service or product.

Influencer Marketing

This is word-of-mouth advertising in the online world. Use the field’s top leaders to catapult your content. Influencers help build a context around your product. Create a strategy around using these influencers and execute it intelligently. Added bonus: having their support improves your SEO and sales numbers. Refer to our list of Top CRE influencers for examples.

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Video and Visual

Stop thinking ‘go viral’ and just think ‘quality.’ Use video and visual aids to deliver valuable, thought-worthy content to your audience. Think interviews with in-house industry leaders, or even outside industry leaders, testimonials, how-to, updates and more. Use new features like Facebook Live to engage audiences in current events. 360-degree and virtual spaces are booming in the real estate industry.

Content Automation

Artificial intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds. Now it seems content automation is reaching new phases of sophistication with intelligent chatbots to targeted e-marketing. Publishers will be able to create, publish, and manage content in automated ways from email marketing to social media. Be wary of using these tools to stand in the way of proper content creation, and learn how to use them properly to leverage the greatest ROI.

Get Mobile

This concept should be old news, but it’s still on the tip of a content marketer’s tongue. If content isn’t optimized for mobile, it’s failing. That means content should be looked at how it displays on all devices from text to graphic design. But mobile content marketing needs to step beyond just design. The latest trend incorporates more real-world, location-based mobile moments.

Brands Acquire Media Companies

This is a fascinating movement by major corporations to create a formal media company inside its holdings. We’re talking brands buying local newspapers, video channels, news outlets. Arrow Electronics is an example of a Fortune 500 company that recently purchased multiple media properties like UBM.


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