Should Your Business Have a YouTube Channel?


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As a growing CRE company, you should consistently evaluate your marketing efforts to see what is or isn’t working. And you should always be exploring new opportunities to market your business to your ideal market.

We’ve told you how important video will be to your 2018 marketing efforts, whether that’s curated marketing videos or live streaming, and maybe now you’re thinking about the possibility of generating YouTube videos to draw clients to your brand story.

So, how can having a YouTube channel improve your CRE business this year?

It’s a channel for providing valuable content.

Maybe your team isn’t full of talented writers, but perhaps they’re some of the funniest and most intelligent people you’ve met. If you know some of your strengths include putting your company’s best in front of a camera talking about the business they know best, maybe you should focus on building an engaging YouTube channel.

It’s another source of improved SEO.

Does your CRE business have a keyword strategy? When it comes to blog posts or web copy it’s likely you already know the importance of having the right keywords to drive strategic traffic back to your website. But what about your YouTube channel? A keyword strategy can just as easily be applied to a YouTube channel to drive lead-generating traffic back to your website, and to also increase your search engine rankings.

It’s a great opportunity to provide a call-to-action.

Your social media posts. Your ads. Your copy. Your blogs. They should all have those important calls-to-action. And that is no different when it comes to a YouTube channel. A call-to-action is the marketing tactic that includes asking your clients to take a next step following their exposure to your content. It could be to click for more information, subscribe to an e-mail, set up an introductory call, or review one of your listings. A video through a YouTube channel is an even better way to encourage that very important call-to-action.

It strengthens your brand.

The more places you can connect with your audience, the stronger your brand will be. And just like you tend to build more meaningful relationships with people you’ve met in person, you’ll have an easier time connecting with your audience when they can see your face through video. Building out a YouTube channel where you can share the face and voice of your CRE company so easily, stronger bonds will quickly be built with potential and current clients.

Building out a company YouTube channel isn’t as difficult as it may seem. With amazing video quality on mobile phones and easy point-and-shoot cameras with video functionality, even the most technologically challenged can create an engaging video channel to drive leads.

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