Should You Swag?


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Inevitably, you have the infamous “junk drawer” in your home. You know, that place in your house that catches every important bill, promotional pen, or gimmicky swag item you’ve been handed from various businesses but don’t seem to throw away.

As a commercial real estate business, you may be wondering if branded promotional items are worth using those precious dollars in your marketing budget. Do clients actually remember you or want to do business with you based on the free items you give them? Or is your CRE business going to end up forgotten like all those freebies in your potential client’s junk drawer?

Make it memorable.

If you’ve been to a tradeshow or conference lately you probably left with a big bag of branded swag and may not even remember who handed it to you. Many of those promotional items likely just have a logo or an acronym of a company you can’t quite put your finger on… and off it goes to the junk drawer.

If you do decide to create swag or promotional items for your commercial real estate company, it’s important to make yours memorable. Don’t just throw a logo on any promotional item out of a catalog. Pick something that is unique and different from your competitors. Personalize it in some way. Add a catchy tagline or a hashtag for people to use on social media.  

Make it usable.

If you don’t want your company’s promotional item to end up in the trash, choose something that people will actually use. A bottle opener will always trump a stress ball. I mean, who uses those things anyways?

And when it comes to usability, also think about what your potential clients will continue to use so that it will be the ad that keeps on giving. A refillable water bottle will likely sit in your client’s car or at their desk, and go with them to the park or the gym! A little fan to hook to their cubicle on a hot day or a portable battery to keep their iPhone charged are both things that will be used more than just once.

Consider your company’s mission and brand.

You should carefully consider the message you’re sending with your swag, and we don’t just mean the catchy slogan you printed on the side of a coffee mug. Make sure your overall brand is conveyed through anything you give to potential clients.

For instance, does your company promote energy efficiency and sustainability? Sharing foam koozies as a promo item won’t fly. Instead, try a reusable grocery bag made of recycled materials! Your target client will appreciate your attention to detail and the commitment to your mission.

Share content first and foremost.

Promo items are fun for tradeshows and in-person meetings but the item of highest value that you can give your potential clients is reliable, actionable content. It continues to get harder for people to find quality, free information in their industry that helps them to do their jobs better. Or in your case, to find the right property for their growing business.

Whether it’s through blogging or social media, The Content Funnel can help you to get your marketing message just right.

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