Should You Still Be Doing Print Marketing?


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Um, print advertising isn’t dead? Heck no! In fact, printed advertising continues to be a critical element to any business’s marketing campaign. While social media, emails, blogs, and company websites are one side of the equation, print advertising expands the range of audience and the company appears active and visible to potential clients.

Branding and Visibility

When faced with choices, nine out of ten people go for the brand they know. Companies have worked to build trust with the consumer, and the logo alone is enough to take the cake. Clients are bound to work with a real estate broker if they are associated with a trusted company. If you’re not taking the time to build a solid brand for your real estate business--and then push it out into the world with some pride-- it’s clearly not standing out from your competition.

So how do you become visible?  It's a good idea to consult a marketing expert, but you don’t need a professional to get started. Get seen in every way available to you, and that means in online and in print! Use posters, billboards, little pamphlets, business cards, stickers--just get your company known.

Studies show that tangible campaigns do much better than emails. Seventy-nine percent of consumers will act on something they can physically hold while only forty-five percent act on an email. Don’t get us wrong, emails are still a great marketing tool. But there is still some magic left in running your fingers over a velvety, matte-finish pamphlet and there are numbers to prove it! And it doesn’t hurt that it will be likely tossed on the kitchen counter and seen again.

Creating Engagement

Engagement is the purpose of advertising. Print media is a trusted form of marketing, and readers turn to this media for everything from news and education to inspiration and entertainment. When was the last time you saw a property listing in the newspaper? Probably yesterday morning. And it’s not just the exposure or trust brands receive, but the nearly undivided attention readers give to magazine and newspaper content that makes them successful. People read content up to thirty percent faster if it’s printed versus on digital platforms, probably because it’s without the flashing distractions that could be competitor’s ads!

Reaching Specific Market Segments

Knowing where your customers look is important because that is where you need to focus your advertising. Yellow pages? Newspapers? Neighborhood publication or local magazines? You want to reach out to all these print platforms so you don’t miss potential clients who aren’t tapped into digital platforms. The more you expose your business, the better brand you will build. This also works with a niche real estate market. Although it’s a little tricky to pin down clients in a narrow market, the method is cost-effective if it targets the small, intended group of potential clients. Once you locate your audience, place printed ads alongside those of your competitors.

Thinking that print advertising is a waste of time is a big mistake. It’s important to get your company’s name out there with the same energy you use to get properties on the market. Print marketing is still a very important method of representing your information and gaining trust. It’s time to get yourself to a Kinkos to get yourself some professional hard copy marketing materials!

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