Should You Start a CRE Podcast in 2018?


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Doesn’t it seem like everyone in 2018 is starting a podcast? It’s the latest trend in content marketing. And, yes – it’s a form of content marketing! While you may not think of it that way, it’s just another forum for sharing valuable information with your target audience. But is it the right platform for you and your CRE business?

#1. It’s a more personal way to connect with your target audience.

Similar to sharing video, a podcast is a great way for your target audience to hear your voice and connect with you in a more personal way. Hearing you in their earbuds will make it feel more like they really know you! And your audience will appreciate the personal connection.

#2. It can serve many purposes.

While most people listen to podcasts through Apple iTunes, you can also post your episodes to your website, other apps, and even have it written in blog form! You can also link out to your podcast from multiple marketing channels. One recording can be reused and reposted over time, and be made available in many places.

#3. It’s not a crowded field.

It’s likely ALL types of competition in your industry are showcasing themselves on social media. It’s possible that most of them are blogging. And you can almost guarantee they all have a website. But who amongst your competitors are running their own podcast? Likely not many. It’s always easy to drive an audience to a marketing channel that isn’t full of your competitors.

#4. You can network in your community.

Many podcasts are recorded in an interview format where the host discusses a relevant industry topic with a guest expert. As a CRE professional, being a podcast host could help you connect more with experts in your industry as you invite them on your show for valuable commentary. These relationships shouldn’t be underestimated as you never know how they could help you in the future.

#5. You can leverage someone else’s audience.

Typically, when guests are invited to be interviewed on a podcast, they will also promote their guest spot to their own audience. So, with little to no effort a podcast promoting your CRE business will reach unexpected audiences and might just offer you more listeners – and future clients!

While committing to generating a weekly or bi-weekly podcast is not for the faint of heart, it could be a great way to market your CRE company to a completely new and untouched market. It will surely be easy to set yourself apart from this underutilized marketing tactic.

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