Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?


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It’s 2018 and you know what that means – everything is going virtual! You can shop, order dinner, summon a masseuse to your home for a last-minute massage, or basically anything else you could imagine doing online. Heck, even your vacations are going virtual through VR technology. Physical presence in no longer a requirement for most of the things we do in our lives.

Because most of you are running busy commercial real estate businesses, it may have crossed your mind a time or two that you need help with all those duties piling up on your desk. But have you ever thought about going virtual when it comes to your much-needed help?

Easier Access to Experts

Depending on the city you live in, it may be difficult to find exactly the right commercial real estate expert to either work as an assistant or a dedicated marketer. After all, your business is unique and if you’re already short on time the last thing you want to do is train someone in this fast-moving industry.

By hiring a virtual assistant or virtual marketer, you can access candidates from all over the world! You can find the most skilled virtual freelancers in your industry who can get up and running quickly and with little to no time dedication from you.

Get What You Pay For

This doesn’t mean what you think it does. We mean that with a freelancer you’ll only have to pay for what you get. Instead of hiring a full-time employee, you can pay per project to a freelance marketer or by the hour to a virtual assistant, and not waste important resources on a new employee that may not have enough work to do.

Perhaps you only need someone for the busy season, or you’re short a few employees and need someone to take over some outstanding projects. Maybe you’re really wanting to ramp up your marketing but don’t need someone on an ongoing basis. Whatever the reason, a virtual assistant can make good financial sense.

Focus on New Business

New business and client acquisition is the area of your business that will make a huge impact on its growth, but if you’re focused on consuming tasks your time dedicated to those activities will be spread thin. What if someone could free up hours upon hours of your day? Imagine how you could re-focus your efforts on the areas that will impact your business today.

Improve Your Customer Experience

Using a virtual assistant or freelance marketer doesn’t have to be all about freeing up time for you. It’s also about the enhanced experience with your clients. Don’t let Facebook comments go unanswered or e-mails go unread. A virtual marketer or assistant can be another voice for your company to prove consistent dedication to your clients and prospects.

But with the added responsibility for a virtual assistant comes the importance of finding someone reputable, capable and experienced in your industry.

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