Should You Be Driving Traffic to Your Home Page or Landing Pages?


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Whether you’re focusing on organic traffic through your social media presence or a valuable blog spilling over with content, or with paid traffic through channels like Google Adwords or Facebook ads – you may be asking yourself where you should be sending that traffic. Should you send interested parties directly to your CRE home page or to a perfectly curated landing page specific to the marketing campaign you’re pushing online?

This isn’t an exact science. It often comes down to the type of traffic you’re trying to drive and what they’re expecting with the offer you promised them in your ad or online content. Don’t disappoint your audience. Give the people what they want!

The Problem with Homepages

You may think, “I put so much effort into my beautiful website that how could I send anyone interested in my CRE company anywhere but there?” That may be true, but your website is static for everyone that you’re sending it to and there is absolutely no customization based on their needs or wants.

Landing on your website when your audience is looking for something very specific based on the services or property you pitched to them through the ad that drove that traffic to your website may make them feel completely lost. “Wait – where is that commercial property from that ad?” “How can I even find it?” “What about that agent I wanted to read the bio for?”

Sending someone directly to your website from a source that has a specific tone, theme or pitch can be a lot like jumping in a cab to meet at a specific destination… without an address. How do they get the carrot you dangled online?

When Landing Pages Make Sense

Sending your audience to a landing page directly from your content or an ad allows you to custom design your landing page to give your audience exactly what they want, and expect, from your ad. It also allows you to carefully track that traffic and the actions of that audience that you are targeting with your ads, promotions or content.

For instance, if you’re advertising a specific commercial real estate property in an ad, your audience will respond much better to being sent directly to a landing page with that particular listing than a website where they would have to hunt for it. You’ll keep your audience from being frustrated and giving up, and if they want more information after consuming the content on the landing page you can still send them out to your website for the greater amount of content.

When you’re determining whether to send your traffic to your homepage or a landing page, think about the intent of your original ad or content and what your audience will expect after clicking. Don’t frustrate them or leave them lost. And remember you’ll always have the opportunity to send them back to your homepage another time.

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