Should Comedy be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?


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What do you need to know to become a great vacant land salesperson? Lots.

Whether you found that little joke amusing or not, we can all agree that humor is a great approach to any topic. Real estate isn’t a snooze, but things can get a little tense in the buying and selling process. Humor can be an effective way to build personal connections with clients, and agents are using it in their strategy to gain more visibility and shares on social media platforms. The idea isn’t to tweet knee-slapping jokes every hour or toss a pun or two into the contract. It should be organic. You want to subtly work humor into your marketing strategy and client interactions. Here are three ways poking fun will enhance your real estate marketing strategy.

Building Bonds

Did you know that humor is a psychological bonding mechanism? Yeah, people studied this stuff! There is research that shows laughing is a way of diffusing tension and displaying that everything is okay. Building bonds in real estate is an essential element of success. Agents are always looking to network with clients, potential partners, and firms. The professional-playful fusion is bound to capture a loyal audience. Some people are hard to crack, but even if you can manage to get the slightest smile, you're building a type of bond.

Sharing Some Smiles

You probably tag an office pal in hilarious memes at least three times a day. That’s because humor is contagious and you want to share a laugh with someone. Funny content has a higher chance of being shared. The skin and bones of commercial real estate content can be straight up boring, especially if you’re already skimming the zillion marketing attempts that pop into your inbox and social media feeds. Take the opportunity to get creative and dress up your content. Exciting real estate posts literally jump off the screen--people will be double tapping to the left and sharing to the right.

Branding Banter

If you’re going to add humor, make sure it aligns with the values of your CRE business. Maintaining your brand should be the top priority and you need to think twice before dropping a risky one-liner. Don’t go too far and risk your reputation. There are different levels of humor appropriate for every type of business out there, and it’s all hinged on the execution. Conversational humor can be subtle and classy and used appropriately across markets.

Consider the types of humor for content marketing and decide if it is right for your commercial real estate marketing strategy. Just remember, there is a difference between excessive tomfoolery and being simply funny. Some remarks might not leave some people LOLing and the success of your strategy is fixed on the delivery of the punchline.

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