SEO Deal Breakers You May Have Never Thought Of


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Search Engine Optimization is an important part of growing any CRE business. If you can’t drive traffic back to your website and your properties, it’s going to be an uphill battel to build new relationships with potential clients. Your website is such an important place for you to showcase your expertise and success through testimonials, and to advertise your properties through listings.

Could you be making deal-breaker SEO mistakes that are hurting you, not helping you?

Having a New Domain Name

While this one can’t much be helped since it’s mostly related to how long your business has been in existence, it is encouragement to refrain from changing your name or rebranding yourself in a way that would require a domain name change. Try to keep your website’s URL consistent with your CRE business name, and let it age for increased rankings in search results.

Not Updating Your Content

It’s no secret that Google prioritizes websites that continually add new content to their websites. If you keep your site static and not regularly add to your website’s content, you’ll slowly lose your website rankings to companies keeping things fresh. This can easily be done by regularly adding new properties, or keeping an active blog.

Uploading Large Images

Did you know that uploading large images on your website can actually slow it down? And a slow loading website is something that search engines pay attention to when they are ranking websites in search results. Make sure you pay attention to the image sizes on your website, especially with professional property photos that can be large in size to begin with. There are plenty of free websites and programs online that you can use to lower the size of your photo to be sure your website’s loading time won’t suffer.

You aren’t encouraging visitors to stick around.

Each time a visitor to your website sticks around on any one page for an extended period of time, you’ll have improved rankings from Google or other search engines. What can you do to encourage this behavior? Create valuable content, longer blog posts, and listings with lots of beautiful photos or videos.

You don’t include media on your website.

Websites that include photos, audio files and most importantly, video, are likely to rank higher in search results than websites with more basic content. As a CRE professional you should absolutely do video walk-throughs of your properties and even include videos where you introduce yourself and brand to your audience. Not only is video an amazing way to market your CRE business through other channels like social media, it will strengthen your SEO and presence online.

Just like you need to pay attention to the important parts of strengthening your SEO, the last thing you want to do is end up damaging your presence by not doing the right things.

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