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As you know, I love to write about social media trends and topics. However, once in a while I like to change things up and reflect on the things I have learned and the people who have inspired me along the way. I want to thank those who have been a crucial part of my journey, who continue to motivate and encourage me and who are powerhouses in the industry! For those reasons, this influencer list is near and dear to my heart. It’s really a shout out to those who I look up to in the CRE industry. There are many more, but I promise to shout you all out in my next influencer list.

In no particular order...


Michael Beckerman, Founder & CEO, The News Funnel & CREtech

Okay I know how this looks but Michael has been someone I have looked up to for years. Only recently have I been able to work directly with him and boy has he exceeded my expectations. He really is the poster child for what leadership and innovation look like. And truly a genuine person… a great husband and father which is important for me to see in a person I work with. Namaste MB!


Alex Markson, Chief Innovation Officer at Property Capsule

Alex and I have worked together for years on several special innovation projects that are dear to my heart. The way he thinks is so out of the box, bleeding edge. He pushes everyone around him to be the best. His work has really set himself apart so much so that he is the go-to for innovation in retail real estate. Also, he has become my “brother from another mother.” If I ever start my own company, he would be my #1 choice to partner with.


Kristen Moore, Chief Marketing Officer at Brixmor

I have known Kristen for several years. I met her while she was at Regency Centers and have watched her career take off. She is someone I instantly connected with and she is always a great resource to bounce ideas from. She knows the CRE business like the back of her hand, works harder than anyone else I know and is so results driven. Her knowledge for marketing in the commercial real estate space is impressive and I just love working with her any chance I can get. I’m also lucky to call her a friend.


Daniel Taub, President at DLC Management Corp

I first met Daniel on social media back in 2010-ish when I was working with ICSC. There was an issue at an event, he tweeted, we fixed it asap and we became instant buddies (the power of social media)! Daniel leads DLC and is heavily involved in making the industry better. He has a passion for innovation, is fun to work with and is extremely intelligent. I’ve learned so much from Daniel and again I am happy to call him a friend.


Angela Sweeney, CRX, CMD, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at The Peterson Companies

Angela is a rockstar in CRE marketing. She has always been the one pushing the envelope. She was one of the first to embrace digital marketing in our industry and put her own twist on it. From early on, she has tested out new ideas and concepts which really made her a household name in CRE. She is someone I always go to for advice and get her involved as much as I can get away with. Love her!


Cherilyn Kawa Megill, Chief Marketing Officer at Phillips Edison & Company

Cherilyn is a staple in the CRE marketing world. She constantly strives to take her work to the next level. Her passion is contagious, and she is absolutely a pleasure to work with. We have been on many committees together and her expertise and input are beyond valuable. Again, love to call her my friend.


Linda Day Harrison, Founder of

Linda brings the energy. She is a beast on social media and probably one of the biggest influencers in CRE. She is someone I have also known for years and who I actually met on social media. She was an early adopter and what she has created for the broker community makes her a CRE icon. I love creating and partnering on different initiatives with Linda. Our most recent project is the #CREMarketing call where we educate and bring our marketing community together. Linda is a breath of fresh air and an absolute pleasure to work with.


Rashawn Jackson, Director of Marketing at DLC Management Corp

I met Rashawn through Daniel Taub when he was hired to run DLC’s Marketing department. When I met Rashawn, I instantly knew I had to get to know him. His perspective was new, fresh, and innovative. He can really do it all. He has produced some of the most exciting campaigns and has set DLC apart from the rest. I truly have enjoyed working with Rashawn and I’m lucky to know him.


Diana (Podaski) Perry, Vice President, Marketing & Social Media at Linear Retail Properties

So so so smart. Diana is someone I met “back in the day” who was an early adopter in digital marketing in CRE. I have asked her to speak at endless marketing events and have been on several committees with her. He perspective is well thought out, smart and out of the box. She is someone I respect and call my friend.


Kevin Green, Head of Marketing at RealMassive

Kevin is someone I recently connected with when he moved into the CRE marketing industry. He is a powerhouse! He brings crazy outside experience. He has worked with Dell, IBM, General Electric, Reebok, Electronic Arts, Timberland, Visa International, T-Mobile, Kaiser Permanente and HBO, just to name a few. Yes, I just named dropped, big time. He gets me thinking and love his perspective. I have asked him to present with me at the NAI Global Event in September where we will be focusing on social media strategy. Excited to continue to work with Kevin.


Jeremy Bergstein, CEO & President at The Science Project

I first saw Jeremy speak at an event about reinventing retail. What he was working on was so far beyond what the industry was doing that I almost couldn’t believe it! I instantly asked him to speak at our events and wanted to know how I could help him connect more dots in CRE to help reinvent the square foot, as we know it. Keep an eye out for Jeremy. He is the man to do it. Also, he is such a great dad and happy to call him a friend.


Jonathan Schultz, Founder And Managing Principal at Onyx Equities

Jon is incredible. Not only does he have the deepest of industry knowledge, but he is instrumental in the continuation of innovation in CRE. He is a true entrepreneur… his character is solid, and he wants to make everyone around him the best, which I love. He is someone I want to work with forever and I respect him tremendously.  


Duke Long, Owner at The Duke Long Agency

Duke is one of the online originals in CRE. I met him years ago on Twitter. He was an early supporter in CREtech. In fact, we started a CREtech event back in 2012 called CREemerge. It didn’t take off, but I think it’s because we were simply too early. It has been exciting watching his influence grow in the industry over the years and to see how involved he is in CREtech. He is also a staple in CRE blogging, although he is much more than a blogger. I will always be thankful to him for speaking at the 800 events I asked him to speak at. Okay, maybe not 800 but it was a lot. Thanks Duke!!


Jesse Tron, Managing Director at M Group Strategic Communications

I have worked with Jesse for years. He and I worked on so many projects and initiatives together for the CRE industry. He is a fixture in CRE PR and knows the industry like no other. He also is amazing on camera. How many folks in CRE can say they have been on The Today Show and every major network? I still thinks he needs to get back on TV, but he is also great at helping the other leaders in CRE shine. And of course, he is a buddy of mine.


Julie M. Augustyn, Senior Vice President at Foundry Commercial

Julie is one of the online OG’s in CRE. I met her on social media and have always been impressed how well she turned online relationships into real life connections. She has been involved in and supported innovation in CRE for a long time now and is an influencer, for sure. She is amazing to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and an overall great person. Not only is she a boss but an amazing mom, as well. Love her!

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