Refresh Your Brand for 2019



By Amanda Bowen, Director of Business Development at The Content Funnel

The Latest Trends in Branding Design

Is your brand looking sad and tired? Was the last time you polished it up over five years ago?

Are you launching something new and want to seen as trendy yet professional? After scouring the best branding sources in the business, we’ve identified a few trends that will help you shape a brand with a contemporary feeling.

Overall, the latest branding trends mirror the branding direction covered over the last few years: a bit nostalgic, a touch of minimalism, and a futuristic pinch.

#1. Adaptive Logos

Here’s a practical trend. Consumers engage with your brand across multiple devices, platforms, and modes. A smartphone here, LinkedIn there, a printed tour book there. The old school believed the logo had to be exactly the same, whether sewn on a shirt or on the building marquee. Now brands are designing different logo versions so that it is:

  • Responsive to digital platforms, various screen sizes, and different placements

  • Variable to suit specific marketing campaigns

  • Contextual to suit its purpose (business cards, clothing, digital, print media, et. al.)

Having four logo variants usually covers all a company’s basis. Define the intended use for the different logo formats, but be loose enough to let the logos adapt.

#2. Type font

The minimalism trend of the last few years tended to pick “sans serif” fonts- fonts without tags on their letter strokes, a la “Times New Roman.” More brands are picking up “Serif” fonts again, more notably for eye-catching areas, like in headers or call boxes.

Other brands are opting to stand out through creating custom typefaces. Jiri Bures, creative director of creative agency Imagination told CreativeBloq, “Netflix, Airbnb, and YouTube are only a few recent examples. Each have launched their own typefaces this year engineered specifically for their platforms to ensure deeper engagement and attribution.”

#3. Pixelation

Vintage-style is making a comeback in all sorts of ways, but a notable trend is pixelated art. Think 80s video games or 8-bit art. These monochrome squares are organized into recognizable shapes. The modern take creates something more abstract. You can see some examples here.

#4. 3-D Imagery

Another way to look futuristic is with 3D imagery. CRE continues to embrace 3D for marketing purposes...why not hint you are cutting-edge through a 3D brand look? This can work for logos, lettering, and backgrounds.

#5. Geometric Designs

What’s likable with the geometric trend is how it can look futuristic through coloring and placement. Visually, these designs tend to use grids and straight lines, but graphic artists are modernizing the look by using curves and warm color palettes.

#6. Minimalism

This trend isn’t going anywhere. Part of this relates to website load times. A slow load means a higher bounce rate. The brand trend is still cutting back on ornamentation and fancy graphics for something simple to convey your brand with a timeless look. Think of how Netflix dropped its whole name for just the red “N.”

Is it time to refresh your brand? Not only do we have more resources to get you started, but we can help define a cohesive brand all the way down to your social media posts.


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