Reasons To Use Slack in Your Marketing Strategy


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When it comes to marketing in 2018 you simply have to think outside of the box. It’s a cliché statement, but wouldn’t constantly be repeated if there wasn’t such truth behind those words! Thinking outside of commercial real estate’s traditional marketing methods will help you gain additional exposure for your properties, but that means doing some in-depth research to help you hop on the developing trends.

Picking Up the “Slack”

Luckily, you don’t have to look further because we have the scoop about Slack. Since it hit the scene in 2014, Slack has given millions of people the edge they need to push their businesses forward.

It’s a mission control center for managing work, notifications, and data. Slack keeps a team updated by saving and archiving real-time communications in a shared space. But it’s more than just the next generation of Gmail. In Slack, you can work with a team to quickly access stats, declutter, unify your social media flows, and directly manage email campaigns.

Kick Marketing into High Gear

Teams use this cloud-based set of collaboration tools to weave together the apps, services, and resources they need to get the job done. If there is one that Slack is meant to do, that is to bring the marketing game to the next level. There a number of monitoring tools to track what is being said about your company.

Stay on top of your fast-moving social media mentions and client feedback, respond to clients on Slack, or tag a colleague to take a look. We’re going to spill the beans about some of the platform’s best integrations and opportunities for the commercial real estate industry to use Slack to better manage their marketing.

Monitoring Social Media and Marketing

A big part of an agent’s marketing strategy is dedicated to creating social media content, and not just for the purpose of traffic and awareness to their website. Of course, this is a great way to gain exposure and works well for individual properties, but more importantly, it builds a professional network. Savvy commercial real estate professionals are using it as a way to spark conversations and facilitate connections between potential clients and partners.

Glance allows businesses to keep up with competition by tracking keywords and phrases, competitors, influencers and those in the media. The tool has a Slack bot that can actually go into your accounts and pull a bunch of valuable metrics. It also connects apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, and WordPress.

With this app anyone could wade into the pool of social media platforms with poise and ease, connecting buyers to listings, listings to potential partners, or updating pages with relevant and interesting content. With a smart, professional presence on social media, CRE professionals and clients are impressed with the agent’s confident ability to manage the consistent content flow. And the secret behind the seemingly effortless productivity lies within Slack.

Be on Call to Chat with Clients

Drift is a messaging platform that lets you chat with your customers and website visitors in real time. Instead of staying logged into your customer messaging platform all day, Drift will send notifications when someone is trying to chat with you. And you can respond from Slack, where all your other conversations happen anyway. High engagement with online visitors builds trust between returning or potential clients and the real estate professional.

Staying Organized with Paperbot and Trello

Trello and Paperbot are essential to keeping the marketing ship sailing. The duo is basically like a virtual paperclip. Trello is an app that links communication and collaboration. This is the best place to keep tasks and events organized, keeping the entire team on task. If deadlines for blogs or listings are changed around, Trello will reflect that. Paperbot takes content-sharing to a new level of easy. Think about the daily storm of confusing, unlabeled hyperlink listings hitting your inbox. They be such a drag to manually organize and manage. Those days are over because Paperbot has the ability to curate your list of shared links and sends them to your team in daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.

This is just a small sampling of the tools businesses are using to ignite their marketing strategies. Slack is the place to start, but the possibilities are endless with the millions of apps and bots available. It’ll be like adding an intern to the team to complete the smaller tasks that keep your business in bloom. And you’ll have more time to, you know, focus on marketing and generating new clients.

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