Real Estate and LinkedIn: The Perfect Match?



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

During research for an upcoming report from The Content Funnel, our team noticed something. While what social media platforms we use is scattered across commercial real estate professionals and their service providers, nearly all social users have LinkedIn account. In fact, of the 160 companies or individuals we looked at, only ONE did not have a LinkedIn profile. Clearly, LinkedIn is a must-have for the real estate professional. Why is LinkedIn’s usage so profound in our industry?

Nature of Real Estate

Real estate success relies on networking. Surveys reveal that referrals remain a large source of a real estate agent or broker’s business. The businesses servicing CRE professionals experience the same trend. We rely on the word of trusted individuals to accomplish business.

All social media platforms at their core are about connections. What makes LinkedIn unique is it specifically is for professional connections. It highlights our best professional accomplishments and shows how we connect to others. LinkedIn reveals that webs we weave to accomplish our successful business. Unless you’re in the pet business, you won’t find crazy cat videos here.

LinkedIn for the Individual

An individual real estate agent or broker benefits from LinkedIn’s professional networking. It’s here you can easily publish your expertise and build a winning resume. Its features show industry connections and make networking easier. Members of your network leave personal recommendations from others to back your expertise or can endorse your skills. LinkedIn’s groups build professional knowledge and offer a chance to connect with others in your field.

LinkedIn for the Business

Company pages offer similar benefits to individuals. They tout the brand’s accomplishments, its vision, and its services. You can publish articles highlighting your expertise and use the page to recruit new talent. It’s the virtual ‘storefront’ of your brand. Through employees, the brand can expand its reach.  

How to Use LinkedIn Better

Looking to use all LinkedIn has to offer? Consider auto-publishing your blogs and other content to LinkedIn. Many web hosting services offer plugins or widgets that will push your latest posts to the professional network. You may want to consider curating content specifically for the LinkedIn network. Longer posts particularly perform well on LinkedIn. Track how your content performs on LinkedIn.

Don’t ignore LinkedIn in your social media platform audits. Check in on LinkedIn at least every month or more frequently to ensure all the information is up to date. LinkedIn offers Sponsored Content and advertising options to expand your reach. Advertising can help real estate professionals generate quality leads.

For more ideas, read 6 Things Real Estate Brokerages Should be Doing on LinkedIn or How Best to Network on LinkedIn.

Let’s hear from you: why does you or your brand benefit from LinkedIn? What features do you find most helpful? Include a review of your LinkedIn strategy in your next social media audit.

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