Q&A With #REMAS Winners Buildout and theBrokerList

Blog Post by Lindsey Imperatore, Director of Marketing at The News Funnel

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In a crowded marketplace, marketers are constantly challenged to generate fresh and exciting content. That’s why we created the Real Estate Marketing Awards, (#REMAS), to recognize content marketing excellence in the industry. Buildout and theBrokerList, winners of the Best Real Estate Graphic Design category, are clearly pushing the boundaries of content marketing. Their impressive entry earned high marks from the #REMAS judges. I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Ewa Baska, Marketing Director at Buildout, Sonni Delzani, Designer at Buildout and Linda Day Harrison, Founder at theBrokerList. They gave me some great insights about the process behind their marketing strategy during our Q&A session.

What #REMAS category did you win?

Graphic Design

In an industry that is slow to innovate, how were you able to break the mold in content marketing and think outside the box?  

The idea for the DNA of #CRE was a collaborative effort and came from our teams really wanting to learn as much about commercial real estate brokers as possible. We decided to do an annual survey to kind of benchmark the industry through the years. We found some fascinating information about the day-to-day, the demographics, and tools that brokers use in CRE. We called it the DNA because we wanted to learn what really makes up the industry. From there the branding idea was born and our fantastic design team at Buildout, led by Sonni Delzani, brought the idea to life.

Can you tell us about your campaign and what was your goal?

Our goal was to gather insights and be able to share our findings with the industry. But here is an in-depth narrative of the entire project. It takes the reader through each phase of the project and the goal of each. http://resources.buildout.com/awards/dna-of-cre-2016

How were you able to achieve your goal?

By having an organized approach to branding and keeping the DNA of #CRE in the front of the industry through social media, using the amazing graphics and banners and social cards designed by the Buildout team! It was all amazing and thoughtful, interactive and fun too! In addition to the designs, we truthfully think that the industry is craving this type of data and we just so happen to jump on the idea of providing the data. This whole concept wouldn't be successful without the support and need of the industry.

Was there anything you discovered or learned during this campaign?

It takes so much work to get anybody to respond to a survey! We work so hard to get the word out and it takes a constant effort to stay out in front of the audience. The end results is so worth the effort though!

Who inspires you in content marketing and who do you feel gets it right every time?

That is a really tough question. There are so many companies, both in and out of commercial real estate but our first response is Buffer, and of late MeetEdgar. We love what they are both doing. In our industry, our personal favorites are ClientLook, Apto, Allen Buchanan, The Behar Group, Rosano Partners and Simon CRE. They are all doing a fantastic job of marketing their companies and we love their content. Also, we love the way The News Funnel is morphing and changing as well. It has really evolved and we like the new look and the "Content Funnel" branding. It is great!

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