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After much deliberation by the distinguished judging panel, the Real Estate Marketing Award (#REMAS) winners were revealed. With so many stellar applications to evaluate, we wanted to glean insights from the winning submissions about their particular approach and how it rose to the top. The content marketing insights have been fantastic. Take our recent Q&A with Toll Brothers for Best Real Estate Company Social Media. The category honorary mention truly thought outside the box to craft an engaging content campaign that won over their audience and the judges. I recently sat down with Alexis Dorr, Social Media Specialist at Toll Brothers to answer some questions on their social media strategy.

What #REMAS category did you win?

Honorary Mention in the category of Best Real Estate Company Social Media.

In an industry that is slow to innovate, how were you able to break the mold in content marketing and think outside the box? 

We are passionate in everything that we do, and we believe in loyalty to our homeowners and brand. Our diversity of product and 50 years of success is a testament to our ability to think outside the box, and always move forward toward accomplishing our objectives.  

Can you tell us about your campaign and what was your goal?

It is challenging to elevate just one of our many campaigns among others, that we distribute during the year. Overall, we pride ourselves in creating content that demonstrates a luxury lifestyle. Whether our campaign is centered around family gatherings and togetherness or illustrates how you can expand the luxury of your home to the outdoors with our concepts of outdoor living, the overarching goal is always to inspire and cultivate a lifestyle that our viewers can not only relate to but live and love.

How were you able to achieve your goal?

Our enthusiastic team of experts is dedicated to our craft and producing quality content that represents who we are and what we do, as a brand. We are capable of achieving our goals on social and as a company because of our passion and ability to seamlessly work together in accomplishing our mission.

Was there anything you discovered or learned during this campaign?

We are unearthing new discoveries every day. Social is constantly transforming, so as campaigns fit into the bigger picture, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach audiences and create enhanced, authentic experiences for our digital community.

Who inspires you in content marketing and who do you feel gets it right every time?

That is a tough question because there are so many organizations and companies that are doing a fantastic job on social media. There is a tendency to be inspired by our partners and other top luxury brands, but overall there are bits and pieces of social campaigns, individual content samples, and engagement methods demonstrated by social accounts in general, across the social media scope, that we can easily find inspiring.  

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