Q&A With #REMAS Winner Open Box


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If we learned anything from this year’s Real Estate Marketing Awards (#REMAS), it’s that real estate content marketers are fierce--in a Beyoncé way. The talent runs deep, creativity endless, and competitive drive unmatched. #REMAS shines a spotlight on the best of the best content marketing practices to date. We wanted to learn more about the inspiration behind these incredible masterminded content campaigns. Recently, The Content Funnel chatted with Open Box, the #REMAS winner for Best Real Estate Product Launch, about their campaign approach.

What #REMAS category did you win?

Best New Real Estate Product Launch

In an industry that is slow to innovate, how were you able to break the mold in content marketing and think outside the box?

Innovation is not a light bulb moment but rather a process of collaboration between creative minds. Come up with the story you want to tell and then work with the best technology, medium and distribution partners to share the story in a remarkable way.

Can you tell us about your campaign and what was your goal?

The overall goal of the “Who is Rob Sparke?” campaign was to inform and educate our target audience about Open Box's latest service offering - an Automation Engine. Specifically, the campaign targeted CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs and Middle Management. We hoped to inspire our target audience to think differently about using Robotic Process Automation technology in a Real Estate environment and to rethink the type of tasks they allocate to human beings. We wanted to do all of this by telling a story that would captivate, mystify and engage our target audience and excite them about the potential of this technology and to not feel threatened by it.

How were you able to achieve your goal?

The campaign was broken up into three phases, each one having a very specific goal and strategy. This approach allowed us to keep our audience engaged and intrigued throughout the entire launch.

Phase 1 was a teaser phase, where the overall goal was to create mystery and the impression that everyone in the Real Estate industry was talking about Rob Sparke, a fictitious character created by Open Box.

We used several channels, including specific content distribution partners and our own social platforms to drive traffic to the campaign landing page,  which featured a mysterious video of a man receiving a copy of Rob Sparke's CV and a cryptic message as a clue to who Rob really was. To add an additional element of mystery to the campaign, we also sent a physical C.V. for Rob Sparke to our target audience. The C.V. captures some of Rob's skills and abilities as well as adding some humor to the campaign.

In phase 2, the mystery and anticipation built up over the two-week teaser phase was revealed using a 2 minute, animated explainer video. The same channels used during the teaser phase were used to drive traffic to the 'This is Rob Sparke' landing page.

Finally, in phase 3, our target audience were given the opportunity to meet Rob Sparke. This phase was designed to give our target audience an opportunity to see a live demonstration of the Automation Engine and to hear us talk about our experience of using Robotic Process Automation in a Real Estate organization. We worked with our content partners to find suitable events in New York and London.

Was there anything you discovered or learned during this campaign?

People enjoy a good story and their curiosity will keep them coming back until the story is over.

Who inspires you in content marketing and who do you feel gets it right every time?

Coca-Cola - they are brilliant at creating campaigns that inspire talkability through unique shared experiences - they think outside of the box and are not afraid to push the boundaries.  

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