Q&A With Linda Day Harrison, Founder at theBrokerList

Linda Day Harrison and theBrokerList are true pioneers in social media and content for the commercial real estate industry. Our very own Lauren Leal had the pleasure of catching up with Linda in hopes of providing our readers with insights into theBrokerList and their new investments in their site.  

Lauren: Tell us about your blogging platform.

Linda: theBrokerList blog is a members only content platform built using Wordpress. Only verified members of theBrokerList and our advertisers may blog with us.

Lauren: What improvements have you recently made to the platform?

Linda: We are currently in the process of updating our entire platform with a new Wordpress design and layout for the blog. Every so many years sites need to make updates and our site is long overdue. We are hoping our new design helps with navigation between our blog and our main site as well as improve our overall traffic due to improved ease of use for our readers.

Lauren: What are the benefits to bloggers to join theBrokerList Marketplace?

Linda: It is stepping into an arena that is already populated with very interested readers. It is a niche site with 100% focus on commercial real estate brokerage. It is a very narrow topic so those that subscribe are fully engaged 24/7/365. It is a great area of concentration because it is an "eager to constantly improve" audience as well. Because of that anyone that blogs with us gets tremendous attention and it compliments their already existing marketing and outreach. It gives our authors exposure that would be otherwise impossible for them to achieve day one upon starting with us. Our goal is to drive traffic to their pages and their sites. If the reader finds them interesting, the reader will want to learn more about them and then follow them on other social media platforms as well. For our broker members it is free to use and is a powerful addition to any brokers tool belt!

Lauren: How can someone become a regular blogger?

Linda: Number 1 is they  must be a verified commercial real estate broker and we will vet them. If they are an advertiser, they will also be vetted and we insure the topic they wish to blog about is directly relevant to our audience. For nitty gritty details about blogging with us, please click here to learn much more. To start initially, we ask for three 100% original blogs that do not appear anywhere else online. Once we publish the first three blogs, we will then syndicate the member's blog content. We just started that policy to help us weed out those who were not sincere and would not want to undertake such a serious effort as blogging vs. those who are interested in being a part of our community. In addition it is a strategy for us to obtain original content, exclusive to theBrokerList blog that cannot be found elsewhere.

Lauren: How has your own Content Marketing strategy helped to build your brand?

Linda: Our blog is the heart of all that we do to drive traffic to our online business. Our blog brings us visitors, new members and most importantly, the general public. The general public is our target as far as driving traffic to our members' pages. The public will then in turn reach out to lease, purchase or inquire about our members' properties and/or inquire about hiring our verified members. That is or entire goal. The blog has been doing 110% of the heaving lifting for us, coupled with social media to achieve this reach. We do no other marketing for our brand, it is all organic.

Linda Day Harrison, CPM, CCIM is the founder of theBrokerList, a dynamic, interactive and collaborative online community of commercial real estate brokers and professionals. Linda has interweaved her community of members with social media and their collective content can be found on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as well as other social media platforms of the day. Linda is a proficient blogger in her own right and prior to forming theBrokerList was a successful commercial real estate professional in the Chicagoland market. Linda has earned an outstanding reputation as an exceptional professional service provider who has raised the bar among colleagues and peers. A visionary strategist, she directed the redevelopment and re-positioning of a major Chicago high-rise office building, on behalf of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), that dramatically increased its value. She was awarded special honors and recognition for her innovation, commitment and execution, by the NAR. Linda is a licensed Illinois real estate broker and has earned the CPM and CCIM designations. She’s a graduate of DePaul University.

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