Q&A with Elizabeth Knight, Marketing Manager of Apto on their fictional series, Future Office: The Adventures of Hannah and Skip

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Our team of content marketing professionals spotted one of the most original pieces of content we have seen in awhile, from Apto.com, and we were really fascinated with how it came to be. Apto created a fictional series to illustrate some of the best practices for professionals using CRE tech tools.

We recently caught up with Elizabeth Knight, Marketing Manager of Apto (Elizabeth also manages their content marketing) to shed some light on this really innovative idea and discuss the first story of the series, Future Office: The Adventures of Hannah and Skip.


How did the idea of creating a fictional story originate?

We were working on another project with CRE writer Franco Faraudo and were trying to brainstorm some fun new ideas for our content strategy. We had a really successful infographic we created from an article of his, so we wanted something else in that vein. Franco has a really fun, unique voice and style, and he came up with the idea for the story!

How did you actually produce it? Who wrote it and what was the process like?

Franco was our sole writer on it, but we wanted it to be more than text. Honestly it took some time to find the best path; we wanted a lot of imagery to make it more engaging and shareable, and we didn't want to confine it to the blog. We have a wonderful designer but also wanted to incorporate specific visuals from the story, so we pulled in an illustrator to help. We worked as a team to make sure it was in line with our style and matched the story well.

What were the objectives/goals when creating it?

We really want to be a forward-thinking company in every sense we can be, so we were trying to create something really different and new. And since we're passionate about transforming the business of CRE, we ultimately wanted to help people imagine a world where technology has really changed every aspect of our lives. However, it's easy to see that even in that world, people and relationships still matter.

What has the reaction been to date?

It's been really positive! People are a bit surprised but definitely interested. We're seeing solid growth in traffic and are continuing to put it out there and spread the word.

How many entries will there be in the series?

TBD at the moment. We've talked about the next few installments, there are plenty of ideas and places to take this. Just want to make sure people are hooked!

How does "The Adventures of Hannah and Skip" fit into your overall content marketing strategy at Apto?

We've got a solid base of content that fuels our inbound marketing strategy--we post four times a week on our blog, publish several ebooks a quarter, and create infographics and videos as well. All this is meant to educate and inform CRE brokers on professional best practices, what's going on in the industry, etc. But we wanted to take it a bit further. As I mentioned before, our vision is to transform the industry with technology, so why not explore that concept in our content?

As Marketing Manager at Apto, Elizabeth is responsible for the development and execution of content marketing programs and assets—including blog posts, ebooks, infographics, email campaigns, videos, and more—that attract website visitors and drive leads. Elizabeth ensures that Apto maintains a consistent voice and brand, manage freelance writers and designers, create sales enablement collateral, constantly test and optimize the website, and collaborate closely with internal teams on special projects and integrated campaigns.

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