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Not everyone was born with that creative gene that allows you to churn out riveting property descriptions every time you sell or lease a new commercial property. But creating the right description, whether it’s for listings, ads, or your website, can mean the difference between landing a deal with a new client or not.

But with the right guidance, even the worst copywriters can improve their skills and convey the right message with their listing descriptions.

Tip #1. You don’t have to follow the standard.

If you aren’t that confident in your own writing abilities it might seem easier to just follow the industry standard for property descriptions with your listing’s distinct features thrown in. You might think, “if it has worked for everyone else, who’s to say it won’t work for me, too?”

This is exactly the type of thinking that leaves you with a generic description in a crowded industry, and nothing about your description will stand out to potential clients. Don’t be afraid to do something a little different – quirky even! Your uniqueness will stand out and even contribute to your overall brand.

Tip #2. Focus on eye-catching headlines.

If you are using your property description in an advertisement, on your website or in an e-mail – make sure you’re using an eye-catching headline to attract potential buyers to even just look at your property. If they aren’t intrigued by the headline, they’ll never read the rest of the description.

When coming up with a catchy headline, think about the elements on your property that potential clients would be attracted to and want to read more about. What’s one really interesting or desirable feature of your property? Is there something funny you can use to describe it? What feeling does this property evoke when you’re in it? What kinds of business can you call out specifically that would be the perfect tenant for your listing?

Tip #3. Avoid the hype.

You may be tempted to throw in the “ACT NOW” or “WILL SELL FAST” type of language to your property descriptions, but I’ll let you in on a little tip – you aren’t fooling anyone! Consumers have become immune to this type of language in the crowded fields of sales and marketing. They are looking for facts and proof that a property is what you say it is.

Focus your description on exactly what the property offers and who it would be ideal for. Creating urgency or using traditional sales gimmicks will feel artificial and turn off many potential clients. If your description is thorough and engaging, the property will speak for itself – no sales tricks required!

We know that writing catchy descriptions doesn’t come easy to everyone. So, if you know that copy writing isn’t your forte but you don’t want it to damage your business, don’t be afraid to hire an expert who can take this little job off your plate that can often make a huge difference in your business.

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