People-Based Marketing: A Fierce Player in the Marketing Game


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Not too long ago marketers were focused on blasting content to reach as wide an audience as possible. It was all about spreading the word, getting more interactions, and gaining more leads. This is when ads started to find the clients. If someone consulted a website about moving to Oregon, ads for apartments would show, or retirement communities popped up if you Googled a phrase about getting old.

Then there were cookies, which were thought to be accurate predictors of habit. But it turns out cookie-based marketing produces false positives if someone has a typo or clicks out of curiosity.

So now we’re on to the third. Also called cross-device marketing, people-based marketing uses technology to market people across channels. Targeted ads are delivered on different devices and platforms based on user behavior. The key is understanding the person behind it all. The careful consideration of the human aspect is probably why this method is working like a charm.

Don’t Aim For the Devices

The average individual now owns nearly four devices, which is up from the average household owning five devices total in 2014. And fifty percent of Americans report using a second screen while watching television. People-based marketing allows marketers to deliver a unified customer experience by tracking a singular user across multiple devices. Cross-device identification makes it possible to knit together data that was fractured by a person Googling and searching on one device and then performing actions on another.

First-party data knitting needles are things like Facebook logins and info stored on CRMs. Third party data, like cookies and tracking pixels, don’t provide the same cohesive data across devices and therefore aren’t effective.

Right Place, Right Time

People-based marketing is all about predicting the client’s general behavior. It’s about taking an individual and considering what is going to appeal to them directly. Then you release ads at the right time on the right device so they land right where they are visible to the client. This is the most effective strategy for general leads.

Rated: Two Thumbs Up

It’s safe to say that at the speed technology changes, things can get pretty complicated as you try to integrate new strategies into your marketing scheme. And with the introduction of mobile and multiple devices, it’s safe to say you should learn how to juggle if you want to stay ahead of the hottest marketing trends. So don’t toss new methods out the window. All you want to do is improve your strategy to be a kickass marketer. Keeping up with the technologies is keeping you competitive in an ever-changing tech world. And people-based marketing has shown results that prove it’s worth the small learning curve.

Of course, all the marketing methods mentioned are still used. It’s just that people-based marketing seems to be the most powerful investment of your time and money. This wide-ranging strategy gives CRE companies a deeper insight into their client’s behaviors and priorities. Marketing teams can create content that is more relevant to their audiences and can engage more deeply with individual clients.

The relationship begins at the level of people-based marketing and can go beyond the closing date. It keeps agent and client connected through every stage of the real estate journey.

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