Pay Attention to These Four Content Marketing Trends

Unlike fashion trends, content marketing trends changes matter because they change how we spend our time and efforts attracting the ideal customers. Real estate professionals aren’t exempt from trends: early adoption of best practices in content generates leads and builds brand recognition. As 2017 starts rolling, these four content marketing trends could rock the marketing landscape.

Engaging with Influencers

Influencer marketing is not new. Using influencers to organically market products has been a practice in use by top companies for a while. Begin by creating an organic relationship through the influencer’s social media platforms. Like their content, occasionally comment, and share. Learn about their interests and motivations to find a personal connection. Maybe you are both basketball fans or enjoy The Oatmeal. Once you have established a social relationship, use a personalized email to better introduce yourself and compliment the influencer’s work. Open the door for future conversation and developing a relationship that will benefit both parties.

Backlash Against Social Platforms

Businesses were not happy when Facebook changed their news feeds to prioritize friends and family over business, forcing an increase in paid promotional content. The network is not alone in modifying how it prioritizes content. YouTube’s changes left its users accusing the video streaming giant of reducing their advertising revenues. This leaves brands wondering if they need a social media presence for sharing to happen. Stay tuned to further algorithm changes and their impact on social feeds.

Email Marketing

As recently noted, e-mail marketing has not kicked the bucket. The previously mentioned social platform content changes make email marketing one of the best ways to grow and nourish an audience. People are more likely to read and click email links than social links. Open rates on email marketing are going up. Invest more attention on nurturing an email marketing audience and providing targeted quality content during 2017.

Visual Storytelling

Now with multiple social networks offering live broadcasting and more priority on video advertising, the art of visual storytelling will become more important in content marketing campaigns. Storytelling is an integral part of engaging with your audience and increasing video content makes having a concise story vital. Look for video series, timely statement pieces, and a variety of formats. Video marketing will move from experimentation to thoughtfully produced pieces that just as clearly evoke the brand values as written content.

In short, influencers and video integration will reign supreme over the next twelve months. For more trends worth paying attention to, see our six content marketing predictions for 2017.

Lindsey ImperatoreComment