Over My Cold, Hard Facts


By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

I want to be a thought leader!

So does practically every other industry expert starting a blog. The fairytale goes like this: an expert starts blogging. People read it, love it, share it. Soon, invites for guest speaking gigs roll in. New clients contact you interested in conducting business, citing your blog. Brand awareness is constantly building, proven by increasing web traffic. Your brand goes from a “who?” to a “whoa, that’s so-and-so.”

Daydreams are nice, but they’re not the common scenario. Blogging can start you along the road towards becoming a thought leader, but you’re going to have be different from the pack. Simply spouting your opinions and expertise isn’t enough to win reader trust. What are you going to need to rise above the rest and truly prove you are a thought leader?

Data. Yes, hard, concert, well-researched data about your industry. That’s coming from...data! A Content Marketing Institute survey found around 75 percent of adults found content (blogs, social media, white papers, et al) with data more trustworthy.

It should be common sense that statistics and research findings are more reputable than Aunt Sue’s opinion. In case you need more evidence, the same survey found:

  • Data-backed content is more persuasive

  • 4 out of 5 adult readers prefer articles based on fact

What about “storytelling” through blogs and social posts? You can still tell stories with data! The facts are a small part of a bigger picture. Use verifiable data to show us the “why” and the “what” that aren’t always obvious from the hard numbers.

And no, properly crediting someone else’s research doesn’t detract from your authority as a thought leader. If anything, it bolsters trust in your brand and validates your content. It shows you’re reading important industry documents. You are thinking critically about them. Citing your sources creates opportunities to link to other leaders and build your social network. It’s a win-win all around.

Of course, writing good blogs takes more than just data. Our expert real estate writers apply blogging best practices to help our clients craft original content in their brand voice. All backed by research and a thorough understanding of commercial real estate trends.

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