Our Four Top Real Estate Podcasts for 2018

Is one of your resolutions to listen to more podcasts? Well, if it isn’t, it should be. Podcasts have become a great way to stay educated on issues, keep up to speed on current events, or learn more about your industry during your morning commute or even while taking a long shower.

For the busy real estate professional, listening to podcasts can be a great way to make sure you’re at the top of your real estate game! Here are just a few of our favorites you should subscribe to in 2018.


It’s likely you’ve read some of their timely articles or cruised a few of the important commercial real estate topics on their website, but what about their podcast? It’s actually the #1 rated and reviewed real estate podcast on iTunes, which isn’t a big surprise with their website and blog being such a trusted resource for real estate professionals. The show likes to “keep it real” and talk about the honest and serious issues facing real estate professionals today.

Commercial Real Estate Show

Well, this podcast needs no real explanation. It’s a nationally syndicated radio show on the Wall Street Business Network and is broadcast in forty major U.S. radio markets. The show’s host, Michael Bull, talks all things commercial real estate in the U.S. like updates on market conditions, the future of the industry, insider knowledge and current events as they relate to the industry. You’ll definitely be a step ahead of your competition on commercial real estate knowledge after a listen to this show.

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

These “guys” have been around for a hot minute, or 1997 to be exact. The hosts include Robert Helms, a professional real estate investor, and Russell Gray, a financial strategist. These two are known for their wild and crazy antics on the show, but they’re also extremely knowledgeable about the real estate industry. They will talk everything from international real estate to tax and economics with extremely well-respected and credible guests. Check them out – you might learn a thing or two!

Real Estate Realities with the Rebel Broker

If you’re looking to get a little deeper with the conversation, look no further than the “Rebel Broker.” Robert Whitelaw is a real estate broker in California who shares everything that is right and wrong with the real estate industry. He isn’t afraid to hit the hard topics like politics and how it relates back to changing conditions in the real estate industry. So, if you’re looking for a hot debate with one of your colleagues, tune into Real Estate Realities for a new perspective on the industry.


The popularity of podcasts show no sign of slowing down so we’re certain in the next few years even more valuable real estate shows will be popping up in your iTunes store. And for those looking for a competitive edge in their market, maybe it’s time for you and your real estate business to start a podcast of your very own in the new year! Happy listening… or recording!

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