One Plus One Equals Hundreds More Followers? Collaboration Works


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No man is an island in a world constantly connected. We need each other. Collaboration works because we can leverage each other’s strengths to tackle industry challenges. Just look at a recent announcement by Xceligent and Compstak. In a press release, the companies said, “By partnering, these two data providers can work together to accomplish their shared vision of a more efficient, more transparent commercial real estate industry.” Partnerships do more than empower product services. In the content marketing world, collaboration is essential for achieving optimal audience reach and engagement.

Influencer marketing, a form of collaboration, works by exposing a company’s brand to that influencer’s tribe. Picking the right influencer matters. Marketers are betting the followers would be more likely to need their services, and banking on people’s tendency to trust the influencer’s opinion. The Influencer Orchestration Network said for every $1 invested in influencer marketing, business is generated on average $6.50 in Revenue. Note the figure factors in all fields, including health and beauty, which invests heavily in influencer marketing. Another number from the ION: 86% of marketers used influencer marketing during 2016. Real estate can incorporate influencer marketing. Example: using a real estate agent or broker with a strong following to promote a tech product. 

Partnerships bring together two experts that do something really well and apply their expertise to catapult to a new level. Take when two brands work together to survey their followers. By expanding the respondent pool, both benefit from the larger data results pool. At the same time, the survey exposes their name to new potential customers. Take the CRE // Tech #Talkshop series: the interviews with industry leaders exposes the brand to their social followers and vice versa. The more partnerships you take advantage of, the more positive your reputation inside the industry. In the commercial real estate industry, collaboration in content marketing could be partnering to host an industry event, collaborating to create a piece of content together, or exchanging guest post on blogs.

When brands team-up to deliver experiences online or offline, they are empowered by the networking possibilities. Plus, it's just fun to work with new teams. Collaborating with new people sparks creativity and boosts the content quality. Instead of viewing competitors as an obstacle to overcome, cooperate to gain a leg up and drive business results.