#NYnDM Video Memes: The Trend You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’re in content marketing, you’ve heard about, seen, or used video memes in your marketing materials. But are you using them strategically? Or simply throwing them into posts willy-nilly?

For further motivation, check out these eye-popping stats from Inc:

  • Posts that include images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts.
  • People are 85% more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video.
  • 79% of internet traffic will be video by 2018.

But how can you integrate video memes effortlessly into your marketing? Read on, dear content marketers, to discover the “9 People You’ll Meet at New York National Deal Making.”

December 5th to December 6th, 2016, over 10,000 attendees will network and conduct business at ICSC’s second largest global deal making event, New York National Deal Making. One of the best parts of the event is the people watching, and meeting. There are a few, shall we say, “characters” who attend.

When you join ICSC at New York National Deal Making, keep your eyes peeled for these 9 personas, identifiable at a glance. (And enjoy how keenly we used video memes in this post.)

#1: The Deal Maker

These brokers are all about the hustle, baby. Buying and selling properties for millions to billions, and looking good doing it.

#2: The Financier

This is that lender at the ready, the guy or gal prepared to make it rain if an owner or developer needs.

#3: The Marketing Crew

After months of ensuring every aspect of the event is perfect, from promotion to manual labor, these fine folks are READY FOR THEIR NAP, NOW.

#4: The CEO

Poster child for the company, the CEO enters the show, glowing like the superhero in charge, shares their company story, and drops the mic. Boom. Over.

#5: The Start-Up Studs

Always just a scosche cooler than their compatriots, the start-up studs are tech companies innovating Commercial Real Estate and making everything easier, more efficient, and harder to pronounce.

#6: The High Heelers

It doesn’t matter the #1 piece of advice at these events is to wear comfortable shoes. These women dominate all conferences from peak heel heights, peering down at their peers, never showing pain.  They are the Tough Mudders of ICSC event attendees.

#7: The Lifer

Everybody knows these attendees. They’ve been coming to events for 10, 15, 20 years now. Every panel is old hat, but they provide lots of wisdom for newbies, and plenty of gossip.

#8: The Newbie

You can pinpoint this attendee by the dumbfounded, confused look on their sweet little face. They keep missing appointments (if they have them to begin with), can’t get in to see anyone, and always need help finding the panel.

#9: The Retailers

The retailers, the different brands look for space and locations, are the prom queens of New York Dealmaking. They get all the attention, don’t have time for dweebs, and have the best hair in attendance.

Now that you’re fully ramped on video memes and the New York National Deal Making event, you can prepare to be the belle of the ball - the content marketers who know their stuff inside and out, and will make the most of every conference they partake in.  

Pro-tip: We used the Video Meme App by Golden Gate Solutions to create these memes, and it was a very intuitive tool. There are lots of great options to create memes out there, be sure and let us know if you find a good one!


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