Not Your Average Networking by Sarah Malcolm

Networking and real estate are like salt and pepper--they just go together. Knowing how to build rapport with others and how to relate to different types of people is vital when it comes to networking. There are many ways to break free from the classic business card exchange and leave a real impression.

Real estate agents can develop their presence in many ways. It’s essential for developers to establish a consistent presence in the communities. Community involvement not only expands client base, but it will strengthen your knowledge of the neighborhood, where the properties are, and of the people who live there. Here are a few ideas:

Local Sponsorship

Every season, communities offer dozens of events that need sponsoring. Local festivals, farmer’s markets, or school events--most any organization will be happy to accept your support. Signing up as a community sponsor often results in securing a spot for your business on T-shirts, digital ads, and paper flyers. This exposure is excellent for branding and business recognition.


Grab a few real estate friends from work and start to volunteer! Donating several hours of your time each month to local organizations is a great way to grow your network! And, networking aside, your company will have a positive impact on the community. Helping others is something you can always feel right about!

Habitat for Humanity, park clean-ups, local libraries, and retirement homes are great ways to have a significant impact.

Support Your Local Radio Station

Local public radio stations always need content. They also always need financial support. It’s highly likely you can give financial support in exchange for personalized recognition. You might even be able to buy yourself some time on the air and address community listeners yourself!

Leads Through Education

You can easily generate real estate leads through educational institutions of all levels! Consider partnering with local schools during career days. If any local colleges offer real estate courses, reach out to them and provide your expertise. And, if your business is open to the idea, propose starting an internship program with a local college.

Partnerships with Local Organizations

Join local networking groups, nonprofit boards, or art associations whose activities interest and inspire you. Groups of passionate people

Don’t Forget the Average

Even if you aren’t doing average networking, you don’t want to forget some necessary networking skills. These aren’t exactly secrets, and you’re likely already doing them. However, just in case the excitement of switching it up gets to you, always remember to:

  • Get people to talk. You just listen.
  • Collect contacts and be the first to follow up
  • Keep notes about the people you meet--their families, interests, and hobbies. You meet many people and want to keep everything straight. Remember those details is a personal touch goes a long way!
  • Have fun with it!


The art of networking is only a small part of your success. It won’t be useful unless you have a system that reinforces your networking conversation. Establish yourself as an expert via marketing, and advertising efforts. It leads to follow-ups, and ultimately to closing sales.

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