Meet the CREators: Tyler Cauble



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Our Meet the CREators series focuses on individuals in the commercial real estate space crushing social media and blogging. They are leaders not necessarily because of the number of likes, although their work often has a loyal following. To truly be a CREator means delivering consistent, creative content that dominates their niche.

Did you know a beard could be part of a brand? It can if it’s part of this month’s CREator, Tyler Cauble. The founder behind Nashville’s The Cauble Group, he has applied his strengths in connecting people and places to a savvy Instagram account, @commercial_in_nashville.

Tyler’s mission is to bring together professionals in all aspects of the commercial real estate market to grow their business and the Nashville community. His Instagram proves you can do this with humor and style. Three areas his Instagram excels at:

#1. Focusing on the Hyperlocal.

With an account name like “@commercial_in_nashville”, it’s clear what you should see. Attractive multi-family units in the East End? Check. Highlighting local businesses? Check. Talking about how awesome a city Nashville is to start and grow a profitable business? Absolutely.  

Look beyond his feed posts, and you’ll learn even more about the city this Nashville native clearly loves. Tyler uses the Highlights feature to show properties For Lease, For Sale, and just more about Nashville.

#2. Being Responsive.

Tyler’s professional bio talks about communication and connections. Visit his Instagram and you’ll see it’s not empty words. Here is proof that Tyler builds relationships. In this Instagram about traveling to meet with a business partner, he responds to all the comments.  And that’s not an exception; if you leave Tyler a comment, he’s very likely to engage with you. The result? Many feed posts have over 200 likes and dozens of comments.

#3. Being a Real Person.

It’s tempting to take Instagram posts in a formal direction. Commercial real estate seems pretty dry: buildings, businesses, construction.

Really, CRE is about people. Tyler knows this. Not only do the vast majority of his Instagram posts have people in them, but he embraces putting his face behind @commercial_in_nashville. Here he’s enjoying local beer, and here’s Tyler working in a coffee shop.

There’s a sense of humor to his Instagram. We love this lobster post. The Q&A sprinkled in the “About Tyler” story highlights and other stories solicit a chuckle, too. And we meant what we said: his beard has become its own brand.

So whether he’s running through the streets or meeting with a client about leasing, you’ll find an Instagram profile both fun and professional. Tyler’s @commercial_in_nashville is a prime example of how to use Instagram for commercial real estate with a hyperlocal focus.

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