Meet the CREators: The Oppenheim Group



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Our Meet the CREators series focuses on individuals in the commercial real estate space crushing social media and blogging. They are leaders not necessarily because of the number of likes, although their work often has a loyal following. To truly be a CREator means delivering consistent, creative content that dominates their niche.

Perhaps you have heard of The Oppenheim Group? This real estate team is featured on Netflix’s Selling Sunset released March 2019. The Oppenheim Group serves buyers and sellers in Los Angeles, with a focus on luxury properties. The brokerage closes over 100 deals annually and brokered some of the city’s record-breaking transactions. Additionally, founder Jason Oppenheim develops top-end properties around Los Angeles.

Naturally, you’d expect a celebrity firm to have a strong social media following. As of writing, their Instagram has over 40,000 followers and 106 posts. When you actually look at their Instagram, you’ll see the team has been slaying their social media game far earlier than March. What’s driven their success?

#1. Jaw-dropping photography

We know real estate is a visuals-focused business. The property shots on their Instagram absolutely raise the bar. The photos don’t sell homes, they sell lifestyles. Check these out:

Sure, while their engagement definitely increased after Selling Sunset released, their pre-show engagement is nothing to shrug a shoulder at. One post gained 444 likes and 19 comments. It’s all in high-quality photography shot by an expert eye for detail.

#2. Videos for promotion

Social video increases brand engagement and is a leading source of top traffic. The Oppenheim Group uses video to sell the brand. The Selling Sunset premier event is prime example. Stunning videography from a red carpet event sprinkled with touches to highlight the brand look. They’re selling the image of success.

#3. Awards

The Oppenheim Group brand messaging positions them as the authority on Los Angeles luxury real estate. Part of the brand message is social proof. Their Instagram highlights the recognition they’ve gained, like a screenshot of a deal covered by the LA Times and an accolade from Hollywood Reporter as a top agent.

#4. Tagging others

Remember, you don’t exist in a vacuum. Look carefully through the Oppenheim Group’s posts and you’ll see they are smart about tagging others. The “Most Instagrammable penthouse ever” includes photos and a tag to the designer. The same is true of other posts, like when they recognized the caterer of the team’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

Need ideas for your real estate Instagram marketing? Check out The Oppenheim Group on Instagram and gain insights into how this top-producing brokerage handles social marketing.

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