Meet the CREators: Natalie Wainwright



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Our Meet the CREators series focuses on individuals in the commercial real estate space crushing social media and blogging. They are leaders not necessarily because of the number of likes, although their work often has a loyal following. To truly be a CREator means delivering consistent, creative content that dominates their niche.

We love when people focus on uplifting others through their social media content. Natalie Wainwright is a perfect example. Natalie is a Cushman & Wakefield tenant representative in Las Vegas with a focus on not-for-profit clients. Not only does her social media work reflect her professional knowledge, but she has leveraged her voice to encourage and promote women.

What we like about Natalie’s social media

#1. Transparency

Everything Natalie posts on Twitter and Instagram is transparent. She’s open about what she does to drive success professionally and personally. She’s not afraid to discuss the ups and downs. In this business video with 833, she tackles cold calling and the right mindset. Contrast that to this post about working as woman in CRE.

When I think of what my mentor and business partner @danpalmeri_ has done for my life and my children's lives it's surreal. Taking a gamble on someone, teaching them everything you know & investing an incredible amount of time and resources into their career is not something most people would opt to do. Dan's dedication to always improving his own life and that of everyone around him is inspiring, I can't tell you how many times a week he is interrupted at his desk by a fellow broker either walking into our cube or calling looking for advice, view on the market or just to say hello. As much as it distracts me, he is all in to stop what he's doing and lend an ear. Being the partner of a strong personality like mine is not an easy route to take. He takes a lot of heat from the old guys in the town that have a tough time with a woman they consider new fighting on behalf of her client, while from Dan it is being a good broker when I do it the reaction is indignation that I even feel like I have the right. The words "they've never met a Natalie before, ignore them, keep doing you, I've got your back 100%" are what give me the courage to continue in a challenging industry, reach for new levels of success, and be able to hold my head high around those that would prefer I look down at the floor - women included. I am thankful and committed to showing him and everyone else that the juice was worth the squeeze. Anyone new in their field, if you find that someone like a Dan is willing to work with and mentor you, dive all in because people like that are so incredibly rare. @vegascreteam #mentor #partnership #cre #commerialrealestate #mentorship #guidance #thesecret #allin #lasvegas #grateful #humbled #neversettle #partnershipgoals #business

#2. Authenticity

She’s also done a video discussing the need to be authentic. Her work matters to her, but so does her family. She doesn’t hide her life from social, but invites us openly into her world. We appreciate her sense of humor, like this post about asking her brother Vince to leave a voice memo saying “to calm down and it doesn’t matter.”

#3. Empowerment

Natalie is a past president of CREW Las Vegas, an organization that connects women working in commercial real estate. Supporting professional women is an issue Natalie clears deeply about and backs it up with her content. She participated in the Single Mom Tribe podcast, where she is encouraging to all women juggling life.

#4. Generosity

You hear people say, “call me anytime,” but Natalie means. It’s not just her Bisnow feature, but her response to it. While scrolling through her Instagram, we found this buried post where she willingly offered for someone to contact her anytime for advice–and then didn’t hide her info from social. She’s responsive to the people who reach out to her with high engagement on her social profiles.

Congratulations to Natalie. We look forward to more of your social media posts! To engage with Natalie, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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