Meet the CREators: Dalia Strum



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Our Meet the CREators series focuses on individuals in the commercial real estate space crushing social media and blogging. They are leaders not necessarily because of the number of likes, although their work often has a loyal following. To truly be a CREator means delivering consistent, creative content that dominates their niche.

This month’s spotlight shines on Dalia Strum, a content creator working at the intersection of retail, fashion, and technology. Dalia is an entrepreneur at heart, and founder of Rethink Connect. In addition, she educates the upcoming generation on social media, leading classes at The Fashion Institute of Technology, NYU, Baruch College & SUNY Westchester.

Dalia uses her knowledge and insights into the content marketing industry to empower industry professionals and entrepreneurs with actionable strategies. Through Rethink Connect, she helps industry experts build relationships and execute deals.

What we like about Dalia is her focus. While you’d think someone working in the technology and content marketing space would have multiple accounts across social platforms, Dalia’s personal content creation concentrates on Instagram, podcasting, and owned channels like her websites. All are united through a clean visual aesthetic.


Dalia recently launched the podcast One Question XYZ with Carl Radke, an industry expert in Sales and a cast member on Bravo's hit TV show Summer House. One Question XYZ connects with industry leaders to unroot the real story behind marketing and sales. Along the way, they cover the good, the bad, and the ugly, and what these leaders learned from it all.

She’s a co-host on The Girls Club, a podcast having real conversations on how women can do more to support each other in our modern society. The topics aim to empower and motivate women.


If you need an example of what a personal branded website can be, you need to see Dalia’s website. Simply designed, with all the critical information right on the first page, it’s mobile-optimized and fitting for a fashion-forward professional.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 10.08.03 AM.png

Rethink Connect’s website is another example of how image-forward and simplicity works. Navigation is easy, the images are high quality, and it’s clear what the brand can do for you.


For individuals working on a personal brand, Instagram is the perfect platform to have some fun and invite your audience to know you better. Dalia invites you into her world through her Instagram. Here you’ll find a mix of family, fashion, and business, all gorgeously framed and edited.

Dalia has taken her passion for digital media and technology and developed a strong personal brand and business. Today she’s a leading consultant and mentor to her students. Learn more about this month’s content CREator at NY Fashion Tech Lab or any properties mentioned above.

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