Marketing Design Trends of 2018


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If one of your new year’s resolutions was to overhaul your Instagram, enhance your brand, or attract more clients to your beautiful website – you’re probably thinking a lot about the design elements you’re using online.

So, what will be hot in 2018? Will your brand support the kind of design elements and imagery that will become mainstream this year? How can these trends be incorporated into an established CRE brand?

#1. Minimalism

As a commercial real estate professional, the minimalism trend will be easy for you to emulate with your brand. Open spaces are your specialty, right?! Bold features, clean lines and spatial photos will be all over social media and the web in 2018.

Taking professional photos within your CRE spaces can offer your clients the minimalism feeling, especially with modern fixtures and minimalistic furniture.

#2. Nature

If you’re paying attention to fellow marketers online you’ve likely already seen this trend taking the internet by storm. Whether it’s images of lush green vines, cute and colorful cacti, rich granite and marble, or rustic wood – marketers are embracing nature’s most beautiful designs.

Part of engaging with your community is to share images that represent your city. Embrace the nature trend and include some shots of your local parks or area establishments that embrace the trend of natural elements.

#3. Pastels and Other Happy Colors

Restaurants and retail establishments have quickly picked up on the growing trend of using pastels and other bright colors to market themselves online. Not only do these colors just make us feel happy, they stand out in the digital landscape. Even if your brand has a more neutral color palette, you can embrace this trend with some seasonal pops of colors in your imagery and fonts online.

For example, have you seen the new bright yellow Starbucks campaign advertising their Blonde roast? Even though it isn’t part of their color palette, it’s just enough of a pop of unfamiliar color to stand out in the marketplace.

#4. Zen-like Feelings

It seems like it’s all about mindfulness in 2018, and that will be true for the digital images we use this year. There is a growing trend around art and images associated with Hinduism, Buddhism and practices like yoga and meditation.

Engage with your community in 2018 through images that will create feelings of relaxation, balance and mindfulness in the new year.

#5. Empowerment and Community

With the powerful movements hitting our communities in 2018, those images and messages are flooding the online marketing community. Whether it’s women’s rights, civil rights, the “Time’s Up” movement or other globally recognized messages, marketers are embracing these concepts and images.

Consider your brand and how you can incorporate these powerful messages and images that are shaping the future of our country.

While it’s important to consider the trends in marketing and design, the most important part of sharing brand imagery is to be true to your message, target audience and your identity. Above all, stay true to your brand and what your audience loves about you and you’ll be successful in 2018.

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