Making Moves Toward Automated Marketing


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You could juggle a stack of receipts, make an important call and type out an e-mail with your big toe all before 9am, but still not have made a dent in your daily workload.

Luckily, technology is changing the way we work and automated systems are helping business owners refocus their energy. From chatbots to freelancers, there are many tools that can lighten your workload, save money, and give your CRE business some kickass edge in the marketing department this year.

Automate Your Emails

Snail mail has gone the way of the dodo when it comes to how businesses reach their audience. E-mail automation has become a popular option because 1.) it’s a very inexpensive software to implement 2.) it allows business to personalize e-mails to engage recipients and 3.) you can follow trends to see which e-mail content is getting the most interest from subscribers.

E-mail automation software is a huge opportunity to expand your business by reaching a wider audience. The trick is getting as much information about customers as possible in order to keep the content relevant and interesting for subscribers.

Talk to the Chatbot

Some people are on the fence about adding a chatbot to their business team, but really they are as good as chocolate covered pretzels in the world of artificial intelligence. The cost of having employees on board can really add to your annual business expenses.

A chatbot is a one-time investment that helps a business reduce its staff by offering automated responses to simple questions. The more complicated matters would be forwarded to the human representatives, but filtering through and providing easy solutions via chatbot is a tool that saves your business time and money.

Be on Top of the Social Media Game

Social media is to your business what coffee is to Monday mornings--not absolutely necessary, but it makes the entire affair run smoother. Social media platforms have transformed the way businesses operate. Accounts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can alert customers about promotions and company updates, offer support and instant feedback, and connect with brands and influencers.

Signing up for YouTube or Google+ increases a company’s listing in Google searches. All of these platforms save companies thousands of dollars in annual marketing and advertising costs. While you aren’t putting out money to create these accounts, it’s a job and a half to manage content for all the sites. Try using a social media planner like Buffer or Hootsuite to help simplify and manage your accounts. Once your account is created you can link all your social media networks. Then you prewrite, customize, and schedule the content to automatically post at whatever frequency. These programs turn a full-time Facebook frenzy into a simple weekly or bi-weekly task.

Find a Freelancer

Sometimes you don’t feel like you have time to organize your filing cabinet, let alone keep up with Instagram’s changing algorithm updates. And tasks outside your usual skill set, such as a blog post or social media updates, that might take you three hours to finish could be completed by a freelancer in thirty minutes. Help from a freelancer allows you to focus your strengths where they belong. Despite the higher hourly rate, you avoid paying a salary and benefits to an employee busy spreading juicy office drama or cyberloafing on the clock. Opting for a freelancer could save you 20 to 30 percent of your marketing budget each year because you only pay for the time they are working on your assignment. And because they don’t have the comfort of a consistent salary, you will find many self-employed experts who are quick, efficient, and submit top quality work. If you find they aren’t the right fit for your company, freelancers are much easier to replace than a traditional employee with the right to compensation benefits.

Some tasks that are easy and cost-effective to outsource are copywriting, blogging, graphic design, managing social media platforms, and designing websites. You can even get a hand with mundane admin work by hiring a virtual assistant to complete small tasks such as replying to emails, database entry, online research, and scheduling.

There is a sea solid alternatives when it comes to how you choose to complete repetitive business tasks. Using technology or freelance “cyber employees” increases productivity, saves money, and gives you more time to push your business to its greatest potential.

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