Make Your Content Marketing Dollars Count

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Small businesses with limited marketing pockets are wise to use content marketing to reach the right consumers. Note: that doesn't mean that your precious dollars and cents can't be wasted. Every business can succumb to Ineffective practices. Certain strategies optimize your content marketing budget and stretch every dollar further for the best return on investment. How can you boost that budget? Easy:

Use partnerships and collaboration

Save some marketing moolah. Strategically use your network to create content through partnerships and collaborations. This can be as simple as exchanging guest blogs to more complex like hosting an event together. Expose the brand to a wider audience by piggybacking off another professional influencer’s network. Partnerships, guest blogs, shared content all maximize your reach without spending additional marketing dollars.

Customize your landing pages

Don't send a potential customer to a generic homepage and expect them to do what you want. For instance, if you are offering a free white paper for customers to download, don't assume by sending them to the homepage, they will be impressed as they click around to find the white paper. Give the visitor exactly what they wanted in the first place. Create a specific home page for that white paper and capture their contact information. As part of the download process, show them the added value of the brand. After they have received the product, offer to send the user to the homepage or towards additional related content that will keep them engaged.

Boost your best content

We love when a piece of content gains social traction. If a particular social media post or blog is receiving more of a bump than usual, don't just assume that bump will continue. Maximize your efforts and boost it. On Facebook, easily turn well-performing posts into a paid promotion. On other networks, repost at different days and times. Include a link to a well-performing blog in an e-newsletter mentioning it's a hot topic.

Recycle your best contents

People interact on the internet on different platforms and with different pieces of content. For instance, a white paper wouldn’t fly on Instagram. The network doesn't support that type of content. A white paper could be posted on LinkedIn. The questions is: how can you repurpose content to work on the two vastly different platforms? Turn the white paper’s key highlights into infographic. Invite a guest influencer and record a podcast or a video to embed on your website, use on YouTube, and share on other networks. Recycling your best content continues building your brand and your audience.

Know your metrics

The number of page followers and likes are not real numbers measuring content marketing success. You need to know what content your audience is engaging with. How many people click through to your landing page from your last campaign? How many people shared your most recent blog post? On what devices is your audience interacting with your material? You can't design effective content if you don't know what your audience is doing, what they like, and how your content is actually performing.

Of course, the absolutely best way to stretch marketing budgets is with a well-conceived content marketing strategy. Rather than haphazardly throwing money here and there, a strategy identifies where precisely where to focus your efforts. If you’re not sure where to start, check out how we can help.