#KeepingCRESocial: Should You Share Other People’s Content?


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Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. How many times have you said those exact words? We’re all running around taking care of our work, families, and all I have to say is THANK YOU for Amazon Prime because you save me time! Wait, that rhymed…

It might feel like the little surprise the family dog left you on the living room carpet or that angry voicemail from a high-maintenance colleague is a little more demanding than your business’s marketing content.

Myth #1. I don’t have time to provide content.

I hear this alot. And I get it. It’s tough for me to find time to write this content for you, too! But just because you can’t find extra hours in the day to write content for your clients or prospects doesn’t mean you can’t provide them with valuable information.

Sharing content from other reputable sources can take almost no time at all while still offering your clients and prospects significant value. And it’s not copying content if you’re merely sharing links to other pieces and not claiming it as your own content.

Myth #2. People won’t respect me for sharing other people’s content.

This is a bunch of bologna. Everyone does it! Remember when your Mom shared the video of those goats dressed like babies? Or the time your boss shared that article on productivity at the workplace (but wait, didn’t he share that on social media during the work day)?

Regardless of whether you’re a business, everyone shares valuable content with their audience. It’s part of what makes social media, well… social. You just need to be sure you’re sharing the right content for your target audience, and that it’s from a reputable and dependable source.

Myth #3. Sharing other people’s content isn’t providing value.

Believe it or not, most of the time people won’t notice that you aren’t sharing your own content. And with that, you must be sure it’s the right kind of content to complement your CRE brand.

It’s called content curation and it’s a value that you provide your clients with. It isn’t just sharing any old content – they will begin to trust you with the content you provide so long as it’s consistently interesting, authentic and relevant.

Myth #4. I never need to create my own content.

While sharing the content of others is great to keep your target audience engaged, you aren’t driving that traffic back to your own website. Repurposing this third-party content can help save you some time when you’re in a pinch but you do need to share your own content some of the time.

What does sharing your own content creations do? It drives traffic back to your website, positions you as an expert in your industry, increases your new business efforts by being shared with broader audiences outside of your followers, and it increases your position in search results.

But if you’re really struggling to find time to create content or just don’t see yourself as the creative type, all of us at The Content Funnel can lend a helping hand to get it done… Think of us as the “Amazon Prime” for Social Media and Blogs! ;-)

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