#KeepingCRESocial: Q&A with Ewa Baska, Director of Marketing at Buildout


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I’ve been in and around the commercial real estate marketing scene for years and made some really great friends that I respect and love learn from. I wanted the #CRE industry to see the amazing work and how these creative innovators think. So this is my #KeepingCRESocial Q&A series with the top marketing folks in our industry killing the game!

Sarah: Tell me about your background and why you decided to work in commercial real estate.
: I’ve always had a passion for marketing; I studied it in college and have been working in the field ever since. I came into commercial real estate when I found Buildout. I ultimately decided to work for Buildout because I saw a unique opportunity to help an entire industry use technology to revolutionize their work and make everyone in CRE’s lives easier and better.

S: Tell me about your current role and about your company.
: I’m the Director of Marketing at Buildout, a software company that created a tool for brokerages that instantly populates all of their property marketing materials with the click of a button. It’s such an interesting role because I’m marketing for a tech company that creates marketing software. So, I’m constantly thinking about other marketers’ challenges and how marketing differs between the tech industry and the CRE industry.

Marketing for brokerages has a completely different focus because instead of only marketing a product or a service, these companies are marketing both their property listings and their brokerage itself. So not only are they creating tactical materials like flyers, emails, websites and OMs, but they’re also showcasing their own brand and their brokerage as a whole.

S: Who or what do you look to for inspiration?
My colleagues and my team! I’m surrounded by really talented and passionate people who bring a lot of different perspectives to the table. They’re so driven and dedicated to our company and customers that it motivates me every single day.

I’m also inspired by our customers because they’re constantly challenging us to be innovative and find new solutions to their problems. Everything we create is meant to serve a specific purpose and actually address a real-life challenge. To do this, we work directly with our customers to understand what they’re looking for. That really helps us keep the pulse of the industry and stay relevant in our marketing as well.

S: What are the digital marketing trends you are most excited about?
: I’m so excited to see how artificial intelligence (AI) affects marketing tools with automation and predictive analytics to help marketers in all industries find the right customers at the exact right time. All of our jobs will be easier and more successful!

S: What advice do you have for marketing folks just beginning their careers in commercial real estate?
: As a marketer for a tech company in the CRE industry, my biggest piece of advice is to understand the market! There are a lot of misconceptions about the CRE industry, like being hesitant to use new tools and ideas, but that’s not necessarily true. Brokers rely solely on their own productivity, which is very different than most industries, so anything you put in front of them has to actually be worth their while or make them money.

If you are a marketer for a brokerage, I highly encourage you to focus on building your brand both through the listings you represent and through other traditional marketing tactics. Check out what your competition is doing on social media, whether they have a blog and what their brand looks like on other channels. This can help you set a baseline of what you should do too. For example, maybe another brokerage is using social media to promote their firm or their listings. Then, think about how you can differentiate yourself from what they’re doing or find gaps your competitors aren’t filling to set yourself apart.

S: What technology do you use to help you do your job?
E: Every day, my team and I use Pardot for marketing automation including email nurturing, user tracking, and maintaining a contact database. This directly integrates with Salesforce, which allows us to work closely with our sales team to see the true impact of our marketing efforts.

We also use Sprout Social as a centralized place to monitor and post to all of Buildout’s social media channels, ActiveCollab for project management and Google Docs for easy revisions to our thought leadership content.

S: What is the biggest opportunity you see for our industry and how do you see marketing helping to solve that issue?
I may be biased, but I think the biggest opportunity for the CRE industry right now is adopting new tech tools. With the right technology, more deals will be closed in less time and all parties involved with reap the benefits. It’s up to marketers like me to communicate to brokers why the tech works and why it’ll help them be even more successful.

S: Ok last question… You finish this Q&A and you remember you have a lotto ticket and forgot to check the numbers. You check the numbers and you discover you won $10,000,000. What do you do?
E: I’ve actually thought about this a lot in my lifetime! I would:

  1. Get a lawyer, an accountant and a financial planner.

  2. Give a good chunk of my net winnings to my parents to buy them a house or treat them in some other way.

  3. Invest! Let my money make me more money.

  4. Get involved in philanthropic causes, specifically Alzheimer’s research and stroke prevention.


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