#KeepingCRESocial: How to Crush the Instagram Algorithm in 2018


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Over the past year or so, have you noticed the engagement on your CRE company’s Instagram page plummeting? It may not be that your followers aren’t paying attention to your content, it very well may be that they just aren’t seeing it! Instagram went from a chronological feed organization to an algorithmic one. And for a lot of companies using their Instagram as a way to generate new clients, it’s a frustrating change that has resulted in less engagement with their content.

So, how can you crush that algorithm in 2018 so that your content starts to show up for your followers and potential new clients? We have a few tips to get you started.

Use only your best photos.

Instagram is largely driven by photos and videos. What are yours saying about your company and do they look professional enough to impress your audience and generate a like or share? For many CRE companies, this could mean hiring a professional photographer or videographer to curate media for your Instagram account.

Not only do your photos need to be visually pleasing and professional, they need to tell a story. Your photos should provoke an emotion or action so that they are about more than just scrolling through your feed. They should take your audience on a journey.

Implement an Instagram story strategy.

If you aren’t familiar with Instagram stories they allow you to take short videos that disappear after 24 hours. They are looped together to tell a story. You could use Instagram stories to interview agents around your office, to showcase new properties, or to talk about your company’s mission. It’s a much more personal way to engage your audience without the stress of keeping things super professional as we often do with our photos.

Go live!

If you’re looking for a more long-winded video post, try going live on Instagram. The Instagram live feature allows you to share a real-time video with your audience, who can engage with you as you record. This format is great for giving a tour of a new property and allowing your audience to ask questions real time, or to host a company Q&A where you can address some current events or questions about market conditions in the industry. Either way, your audience will feel part of your company and that engagement will help you to show up in their feed more often.

Use smart captions and hashtags.

While it’s important for your photos to tell a story, it’s also crucial that your captions enhance that story. You shouldn’t leave captions like, “check this out,” or “isn’t this great/gorgeous/wonderful”? Tell a funny anecdote or captivating story around your photo. Trust us, your followers won’t mind one bit about the extra word count.

Most of all, it’s important not to think too much about the algorithm. Ultimately, if you’re providing your audience with quality content that they engage with, the algorithm will reward you and more people will see your photos. Happy gramming!

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