#KeepingCRESocial: Getting Ahead of the Game – The Social Media Trends of 2018


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Have you made your list of resolutions yet? Some of those might include how you’re marketing yourself and your CRE company through social media. But what about getting ahead of the pack? Are there trends that will hit 2018 by storm that you can get ahead of now?

Take your CRE business to the next level in 2018 by implementing these hot new trends… today!

Start live streaming.

We don’t know if anyone ever thought that live streaming video on Facebook and Instagram would take off, but given its ability to allow your audience to interact with you real-time it has become the hottest new tool for businesses online.

Live streaming gives your followers the opportunity to ask you questions while you’re walking through a property, or for a potential client to make an inquiry without picking up the phone to call you. It’s the future and if your CRE business isn’t implementing a live stream strategy in 2018, you’ll surely be behind the curve.

Think about augmented reality.

Augmented reality allows for images to be projected onto existing spaces to give the viewer the perception of it really being there, when it isn’t. For instance, augmented reality could be used by CRE professionals to showcase the end result of a remodel or present a property fully furnished that is actually completely empty.

While augmented reality may seem like the future for gaming, more and more companies will use this cutting-edge technology in their own branding and advertising. And we think it couldn’t be more perfect for a CRE company to bring a client’s imagination alive in a virtual environment.

Take advantage of Instagram stories.

It’s likely you’ve already experimented with Instagram stories on your personal account, but have you thought about bringing them into your CRE social media strategy? Sure, it won’t look like your cat dressed up in an ugly holiday sweater or your champagne-pouring boomerangs from New Year’s Eve, but Instagram stories can be beneficial for your clients who want to get to know you a little better.

Share some special moments from around the office. Take your followers to your latest property walk-through. Do short interviews with some of the staff. Your audience will feel more connected to you and your business which makes for stronger business relationships.

Use automated messaging for faster service.

Have you heard of chat bots? If you haven’t, you definitely will in 2018. Using messaging platforms to connect with your clients and prospects more quickly is taking the digital environment by storm. And it’s time for you to get ahead of the pack.

Artificial intelligence, voice assistance and chatbots are all automated ways to predict the answers or questions from your clients so that you can assist them virtually all day and every day. It speeds up the time they would normally wait for a response and allows you to drive leads to your CRE business without lifting a finger. They are commonly used with programs like Facebook and WhatsApp and can automatically interact with your audience while you sleep or work with another client.

Social media shows no signs of slowing down in 2018, and there are ways to make a huge impact by implementing new tools that your competitors may not even be thinking about today. Keeping up with the social media Jones’s will not only position you as an industry leader, but engage a broader audience for even more success in 2018.

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