#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Your Prescription For Social Media Content Fatigue


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the work involved in social media marketing? It’s no wonder: in one Internet minute last year, Instagram saw 46,200 posts uploaded, Twitter received 452,000 tweets, and Google handled 3.5 million search queries. Content marketers feel the pressure to deliver real results in a crowded industry. We’re swarming with Insights and Analytics and content ideas all in the name of proving results. Social media content fatigue is real, but you can recover. How?

#1. Take a social media audit

A social media audit should be part of your program anyway. The audit analyzes what posts and content are performing well and what’s not. The audit will help keep the focus on message relevance and prune practices that aren’t working. If you’re pressed for time, you can always get fresh eyes and outsource your social media audit.

#2. Assess strategies

Quantity isn’t always the answer in social media posting. If your audit proves it, maybe it’s time to rethink the posting schedule. Rely more on quality, evergreen content from blogs and white papers. Revisit underperforming content and think a fresh approach. Underperforming social media content might be a sign you’re selling too much and not promoting helpful content enough.

#3. Refine Your Metrics

Tracking every metric known to man doesn’t help the social media marketing fatigue. Focus on two or three key performance indicators that matter to the business goals. While it’s fine to look at other analytics, let these core KPIs drive your content marketing plan.

#4. Assess prior content

Relevant content can be shared again and again and still gain results. Why? The social audience is ever-growing. New people will see the content. Look at the treasure trove on your hands and see what can be updated, repurposed, or republished. Plus, looking at how far you’ve come can recharge your creative juices.

#5. Get "in the field" more to inspire new ideas

Step away from the social media and get real. Talk to clients and customers. Go to conferences and networking events. Spend face time to recharge your screen time.

#6. Change approach

The new trend is personalization. Stop mass advertising and drill deep into those client personas. Create content that connects more with people to drive results. Ideas: Add quotes from interviews with industry leaders and clients. Conduct original research and publish the results. Go Live or host weekly chats.

#7. Get help

We may be able to juggle all the plates, but can we juggle them well? Not always. When that happens, get some social media help. A part-time freelancer or a content creation company bring fresh eyes to your content marketing and relieve some of the pressure to constantly create and monitor.

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