#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: You Need a Social Strategy to Stay Top-of-Mind for the New Year


December is a tough month. Businesses start to “wrap up” activity for the year. Many service industries see a drop in spending as some fiscal years close. The demands on people’s personal lives make focusing on work challenging. Even as activities wind down, people and businesses are thinking forward to next year’s goals. It’s never too soon to think about 2019 and how can social media keep your brand top of mind on January 1.

To win in January, you’ll need to plan and execute now. How can you stay top of mind using social media or blogs?

#1. Reflections post

Discuss how far you’ve come this year. Highlight key accomplishments. For example, if you opened six new locations, you could create a graphic pinpointing these new offices. Other reflections could be on what you’ve learned from your clients or in how far your submarket has come over the last twelve months.

#2. Gather social proof

Now is an excellent time to prime the content pump with social proofs ready for January 1. Solicit client recommendations, interviews, and videos ideal for social sharing and blog posting. Get ready to start promoting these winning content pieces in 2019.

#3. Show gratitude

We wouldn’t succeed without the endorsement of our clients. Show your thanks in a series of gratitude posts during December. These are similar to reflections post, but highlight more of your accomplishments, such as, “Thanks to you, we sold $26B in commercial real estate this year.” Or, “We are so grateful for our clients; we’ve grown from 100 users to 175 thanks to your recommendations!”

#4. Preview the New Year

Do you have some exciting new services coming online in the new year? Build anticipation! Tease what’s coming and get people excited. You can hint something big is coming, or you can outright announce the launch date of a new service. Create an opportunity for people to subscribe to be the first to try your new service.

#5. Keep Posting

Don’t drop off social media because “nothing is happening,” or “you’re too busy.” Staying top of mind means a consistent posting schedule. After all, your competitors are showing up in news feeds. Don’t lose the chance to be seen even if the target audience isn’t fully tuned into social media.

#6. Review your performance

The end of the year is an excellent time to conduct a social media audit. Reflect on your best performing content and content that underwhelmed. Refresh all your social profiles for accuracy. If you have records of prior social media audits, look back to the first quarter of the year to see what content performed well during that time period. Create an updated social strategy and start planning your January schedule.

#7. Keep it personal

Personalization is how savvy social media marketers win over their customers. Use this time to connect with your customers. Get the know their needs. Send special messages to your client segments, or reach out to your top five percent with direct social messages.

Staying top-of-mind is an ongoing battle among social marketers. With the right plan and strategy, you can achieve this in the first quarter of your year. The business world recharges for the new year; you should be locked, loaded, and ready to go.

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