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Commercial real estate is a social business. Your whole day is basically spent around communicating, so that means a lot of time is spent building a network. People used to exchange crisp, matte-finish business cards with an address and phone number. People still, and still should, do the business card switch-a-roo. But that’s just not what’s trendy these days, and shouldn’t be the only way you connect. Facebook is the new way to network.

Should you directly connect with clients? Absolutely. Should you send them a friend request right now? Maybe not... The answer here isn’t black and white but can be ironed out with some simple explanation. Really, how you connect and manage your accounts is up to you. Everyone is a potential client, so we’ll explain the best ways to connect with them via a business page or your personal profile.  

Friend Request From Your Personal Profile

Your extended network can be your best line of business. It would be ideal to manage your personal profile and have a CRE business page up and running. But let’s get real--some people feel like they don’t have the time to sit down for two meals every day, let alone manage two pages on a single social media platform. It’s a thin line to walk, but we’re going to take a walk on the highwire when we say it’s okay to work on building your personal network and send requests to clients. Realize while this can be acceptable, it’s also a risk. Always be mindful of the photos and content you share. Do not to litter your account with family updates that make your grandma happy because your clients don’t give a hoot. Irrelevant information will get you unfriended so fast. Only invite clients into your private network if the majority of the content you are posting is related to the mission of your business.

Invite Clients to Like Your Business Page

Creating a business page separate from your personal page allows you to target your content and audience more easily. And it keeps your work and private life separate (hey, things might be better that way). Once you get a professional page started, upload your email database to Facebook about once a quarter and invite everyone to become a fan. And you don’t always have to be reaching for the business cards because you can add new friends and contacts as you meet them. With a business page, you’ve got  yourself a trendy and professional networking plan in action!

It’s not the Where, but the What that Matters

Just be careful what you post on Facebook, both on personal profiles and business pages. You can, and probably will be searched. Everybody on Facebook is a potential client, so it’s important to be mindful of the image you create for yourself. Don’t just be thoughtful about your posts, but be sure to use your privacy settings to specify what content different sets of people are able to see.

Now, this might be a bit surprising, but what’s more important than where you post, and the number of likes received, is how consistent and responsive you are.  Without interaction and engagement, your page is a total dud. Aim to post new content at least two times a week. Overall, keep the posts positive and informative--the last thing you want to emphasize is how tough the market is these days. Instead, use your presence to educate and inspire-- links to your blog, stunning photos, and kickass listings.

The bottom line: If you want to friend request your clients, well, you can. But it will come across as entirely more professional if you invite people to like your business page.

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