#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Why B2B Companies Shouldn't Ignore the Power of Social Media


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If you operate a business-to-business (B2B) company you are probably semi-convinced social media just “doesn’t work” for you. At the same time, you feel left out of the social media success stories. Business trends and innovative sharing strategies show social media’s power stacking up. These days it’s hard for even the most Facebook-opposing business owner to remain skeptical.

Can an industrial insurance company be of any relevance on Facebook? Can your small software marketing business achieve anything on Twitter? The answer is yes. Here are three reasons for building a winning B2B social media strategy with tips to do it well.

Reach Your Customers’ Emotions

Any B2B manager will tell you it’s a totally rational market--decisions are based on numbers, cash flow, and revenue projection. While a considerable weight is put into the rational part of the purchase, decision-makers are often filled with emotions when it comes to selecting a provider. These selections affect their jobs, careers, and stability. Nobody wants to be the one who suggests integrating a CRM software that is a complete nightmare.

Unpack these emotions on social media. A good example is to experiment with testimonials that feel real. You didn’t hear it from us first but we’ll say it again: customers really value the human interactions and emotions behind the big brands. This approach will help translate an online relationship into really meaningful offline interactions.

Avoid Being Invasive

B2B sales undergo a longer process. It’ll be months--even years--before the prospect becomes the customer.  B2B companies try their best to nurture relationships and stay relevant, but this can be tough water to tread. You don’t want to pester the prospect with emails and phone calls, but at the same time you want to drop a reminder that you’re still in existence. Social media, on the other hand, allows you to ever-present without popping up in their inbox. If your content strategy is good, they will see you and remember you.

Gain Your Customer’s Trust

So your website has customer testimonials an claims to work some B2B magic. That’s not enough to gain a client’s trust these days. Social media offers a window into your community where users can engage with content and talk about their experiences. Plant the seed and let the conversation grow as a way to gain fresh insight and engage with the B2B online community. This presence will give you more credibility.

There are many other reasons why you should consider social media as part of our B2B strategy. Social media has been around so long and we are sure it is here to stay. Every industry is evolving into this new digital age and it’s time to hop on board. Build a strategy and adapt it to any platform. The more personal you are, the better your social media results.

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