#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: What’s the Best Way to Showcase Images on Facebook?


Facebook delivers variety when it comes to visually marketing our content. Knowing that people are visual, we have an array of options to upload our best photography or videos. What can you do to optimize the reach of these images on Facebook? Here, we’ll cover the different options, their advantages, and give examples of what you could do with it.

An Overview of Photos and Facebook

Generally speaking, Facebook will resize and format photos automatically when you upload them to Facebook. However, the company recommends uploads fit one of three supported sizes: 720 px, 960 px, or 2048 px wide. Cover photos should be 851 px by 315 px. Does your image look fuzzy or weird? Sometimes Facebook compresses the upload. To avoid this, upload image files less than 100 KB.

The Standard Post

For starters, you can create a post with a single photo or video in the news feed. These posts work well for almost anything: what you’re doing now, announcing a new team member, a live Q & A with an industry leader… you can figure it out. Well-performing posts can quickly turn into boosted paid promotions. The advantage is you can do these types of posts ahead of time and for any reason: to tease a service launch, to announce an upcoming live stream, or to share any piece of worthwhile content.

Photo Album

Your next option is to create a whole album of related photos. It’s pretty obvious how a commercial real estate broker or agent could use the photo album option. Treat Facebook’s photo album feature like Pinterest board. Create categories and add photos as appropriate. Example themes: a specific property, a redevelopment district, or new project. Update the photo album occasionally to show a project’s progress and bring the photo album back on the news feed. What about an industry service provider? Photo albums can document a team building experience, a conference you attended, highlight a year in review, meetings with clients, or something else.

Photo Carousel

We love the creativity marketers show with the Photo Carousel. These powerful little images tell your brand story as viewers scroll right. Each carousel card offers a direct URL link, and every image can have a different URL. Facebook will automatically generate a carousel from a link or you can upload your selected images. When using a photo carousel, be aware the images will show as square resolution. Photo carousels work well with showcasing property highlights, building excitement for upcoming new businesses in a retail center, or visually pitching a service.


Video marketing is more powerful than static imagery, and Facebook’s made it easy to convert your photos into a video with slideshow. Upload up to 10 images, arrange in the order you wish, choose a transition, aspect ratio, time on photo, and music. Voila! Instant video slideshow with a few simple clicks. A few ways CRE professionals can use the slideshow are for property listings, for selling a lifestyle, or for showing construction progress.

Instant Experience

The option formerly known as Canvas is taking off. Facebook reports its use has more than doubled in the last year. If you’re looking to create an immersive story using images and videos, this is the option to consider. Facebook has made Instant Experiences faster to load than a standard mobile website. Use a template or build from scratch. Include a URL, CTAs, and other branding throughout the experience.

Note the suggested photo size for Instant Experiences is a minimum of 640 px wide by 72 dpi, but there are some quirks. A full-height image shows at 1920 px tall or full-width at 1080 wide. You can choose a “tap to expand” or “tilt to pan” image option, but these remove your ability to add a destination URL when a viewer taps the image.


The beauty of social media marketing is you are limited only to your imagination. Facebook’s given us content marketers plenty of tools to experiment with and see what our audience likes best. Need ideas on how to use a particular feature? Bounce some thoughts off of us!

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