#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: What You Need to Know About the Facebook Changes


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We all adjust to life’s little certainties like taxes on April 15, daily tweets from Donald Trump, the announcement of another Kardashian pregnancy, or your friend from high school trying to sell you shakes or essential oils online. And with that, we can expect Facebook to change our newsfeed every now and again. That time has come this month.

Yes, our friends at the social media giant are spicing things up again and it could change the way you interact with your customers online. So, what are these changes and how will they affect your CRE business?

Changes to the Facebook Newsfeed

To keep it simple – you will see more posts from friends and family and less from news outlets and your favorite brands. Facebook continually receives feedback that their users are tired of seeing the endless ads, branded posts, and those cooking videos teaching them how to make hot dog and macaroni casseroles.

It’s likely that as a consumer you will see less videos, funny memes and articles from third parties, organization and companies. If your friends or family members share them, it will likely still hit your feed.

This is especially true for posts from your friends and family that either touch on topics you might be interested in, or that have a high number of comments and likes that might suggest it’s highly relevant or entertaining. Sounds great for you, right? But what about your business?

What the Changes Mean for the CRE Industry

Part of the changes to the Facebook algorithm is a major crack down on content considered “click bait.” So, you’ll be seeing a lot less “click here to see how this guy made millions investing in commercial real estate,” and you definitely shouldn’t be creating that kind of content for your business. Your Facebook relationships will now come down to building real connections and providing serious value.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, also believes that the changes will mean people will spend less time overall on Facebook than they used to due to weeding through the junk. For you that means it will be crucial to focus on generating content that will drive traffic back to your website, and keep people there. It should be entertaining, engaging and informative. You’ll have to give people what they’re asking for – no strings attached.

But what about other social media platforms?

These changes may mean that you also need to diversify your social media presence with some other platforms like Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram. Or, it could mean more of an investment in Facebook advertising to be sure your content is getting in front of your audience. Either way, you’ll have to change the way you look at your Facebook interactions.

Regardless of the path you’ll take to tackle the Facebook newsfeed changes, make sure you have an expert on your side and a solid strategy to stay top-of-mind, or top-of-feed, for your clients.

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