#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Using #Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing

In social media marketing, it's critical for companies to use the hashtag. It makes your content discoverable and allows you to view relevant material from other people and businesses. Here are five things you need to know to become an #expert at using hashtags.

Keep It Simple and Relevant

Picking the right hashtag is two-fold. First, you want something that people are searching for and something that is easy to remember. There is a digital universe full of hashtags out there. Using one that is long or difficult to spell is not going to give you any good results. Second, the hashtag should be short, precise, and simple to spell. It should give your audience a definite idea about the topic of the conversation. So find topics that relate to your audience.

Utilize Trending Hashtags

Maybe you’ve heard people talking about what is “trending now.” In social media, they are likely referring to hashtags. So when you see a trending hashtag that relates to your brand, engage with it. You get your content seen by a much broader audience. More and more people will look at your updates than just your fans and followers.

You also want to use niche trending hashtags to connect with your target market. Things like #YourCompanyName and #YourTargetLocation will funnel leads toward your account. Ideally, your marketing campaign should use a variety of trending and niche hashtags in posted content.

Don’t Overuse It

In general, you should use a maximum of two hashtags for each post. Instagram has room for quite a bit more, but too many leaves the impression you are spamming your followers. You also don’t want to use them in every post you make, as it makes your followers wary of a business trying too hard to promote themselves. Use them when it makes sense, and you'll reap the reward of a growing follower base.

Search the Hashtag Before You Use It

You should keep yourself covered and make sure you aren't misusing a hashtag. You can find many misused hashtags, which can be hilarious for everyone except the brand using it. It’s also good to check to make sure competitors aren’t using that hashtag for their brand as well. When using hashtags correctly, they help to create an online conversation, increase client base, and improve your sales.

Create Brand Engagement

Hashtags will allow you to make an impression on an extensive social media audience. The more comfortable people are with your company's online presence, the more likely they will interact with you on social media. Hashtags help expand your visibility and improve customer relations. While it’s essential to use them in posts, it’s not necessary to use them in response to a customer comment.

Using hashtags effectively involves a bit more than just tacking them to the end of your social media posts. Make sure you’re sharing the best content and making the right impression with hashtags that boost your company’s searchability. Also, it never hurts to use research tools like All-Hashtag and RiteTag to double check your hashtags before posting to any platform.

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